Free kayaking adjacent to Union Dry Dock sponsored by the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse, an all volunteer non-profit organization.
1) Who owns Union Dry Dock? In 2017, without consulting with Hobokenís elected officials or residents, NJ Transit (NJT) and NY Waterway (NYWW) hatched plans to acquire Union Dry Dock for a ferry maintenance and refueling facility. In November 2017, NYWW stunned Hoboken with the news that it had purchased this site for $11.5 million. NJT had agreed to then buy the dry dock and lease it back to NYWW. In January 2018, NJT placed the acquisition on its Board agenda but intense protests by Hoboken residents and elected officials, and support from Gov.-elect Murphy, caused NJT to remove the item from its agenda.

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