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5-2018 Piermont to attempt to close Pier to vehicles ... Again!
River Front Park Haverstraw NJ DEP to Post HRFA Signs Along the Walkway

NJ DEP Hotline

Award to the Chart House...Weehawken Free Passes to the NJ State Parks for Seniors
Hudson River Featured Fishing Locations

These locations are reported by our members to be the best shoreline fishing locations on the Hudson River.

Caven Point Pier Jersey City CRABHOUSE Honored by HRFA
Dyckman Street Boat Basin Spuyten Duyvil Bridge
Contact Us Hazards Ramp, George Washington Bridge


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We see this Every Day! Photo by Chas Stamm



Piermont attempting to close Fishing Pier to Vehicles

From John Francesconi

John will also be at Tuesdays meeting to discuss this with the members.

Commenting on Mayor Tuckerís Proposal
The Mayor offered a compromise regarding the closing of the Piermont Pier to vehicles from 21 days to 15 days. A compromise with whom? It takes at least two parties with differing views and then debate between the two to reach a compromise. When and where did this occur? This most certainly did not occur at the Piermont Village Town Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

An experiment Mayor Tucker calls it. For the past several years the Pier has been closed to vehicles on four Sunday's beginning in June. That is enough time to examine the impact of closing the Pier road to vehicles. Now eleven more days have been added.

What's next? The Mayor envisions an idyllic setting for the Pier. Ferry Road is a road and not a park. There is one picnic table and that was never provided by the Town. It was given to the fishermen by one of its' own. There is one portable bathroom facility and that is not even paid for by the Town. Beautiful fruit bearing trees have seen years of neglect and now many of them have died and or been affected as a result of the neglect. Shorelines on both sides, most evident on its' south side have eroded greatly.

Mayor Tucker compares the Pier to Prospect Park. Nothing could be further from the truth. Can walkers stroll its' path and enjoy the river with its' never ending beauty? Of course they can and do.

Don't close the Pier to vehicles. Find more effective ways to control the volume of traffic and enforcement speed regulations. The truth of the matter is that Piermont Pier is a road and a fishing pier. It is and will always will be and no one can change that.


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River Front Park in Haverstraw

The Rockland County Legislature has approved a $1.1 million contract with
Cal Mart Enterprises of West Nyack, NY for general construction work on the
first phase of the proposed Hudson River Park in Haverstraw, NY. The park, to
be built on 33 acres and possibly expanded to 60 acres, will be built on the
Hudson River shoreline adjacent to the Haverstraw Marina. It will be the
first Rockland County-owned Park on the river. The awarded bid is for
building a parking lot and installing sewer and water lines. Proposed
facilities for the park include: a public boat launch, fishing pier, open air
pavilion, playground, a nature trail and picnic areas.


The Rebuilt Chart House! Gets HRFA Award

Weehawken August 8, 2001

charthouse6.jpg (88621 bytes)

HRFA Access Committee members Tony Evangelista, Ray Marione and Charles Stamm presented Chart House Manager Hans Nielsen with an award on August 8, 2001.  The award was for the way the restaurant goes out of it's way to make anglers feel welcome.

charthouse1.jpg (32917 bytes)

Tony Evangelista, Chart House Manager Hans Nielsen, Ray Marione and Charles Stamm at the Charthouse awards presentation.

The pier is one of our more popular locations for the shoreline angler.  The walkway brings anglers and passersby to the restaurant. The restaurant patrons enjoy the view of watching the public pass by with the river and city behind. Moe from Moe's Tackle in jersey City tell us the north side of the pier is the best for fishing.  Parking spots can be at a premium. What the upper class restaurant has done was take a section of their parking lot, on the north side, and set aside several parking places for "Fishermen Only."  The signs are clearly visible.

The signs are posted on the north side of the parking lot. "Reserved for Fishermen."

charthouse3.jpg (98665 bytes)

The restaurant pier is actually the parking lot for the patrons of the restaurant so keep things clean!  Don't ruin a good thing.  The owners of this restaurant have been very patient with the fishermen using their parking lot but you have to clean up after yourself.  Tell others as well.  This is a great spot to catch striped bass.

The Chart House restaurant has been officially awarded the honor of "Friend of the Hudson River" by the HRFA NJ.

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Hazzards Ramp Fort Lee, N. J.

The improvements were completed in 2001.  $240,000.00 worth of Improvements.
The construction for refurbishing the GW Bridge is always ongoing with plenty of equipment but the road to the boat ramp will be kept open.
The ramp is wider, and has a new incline to it.  It goes further into the water.   It has a floating concrete dock down the center of it creating two launching ramps. the depth at the end of the floating dock is 10 feet at low tide.
The plans for the funding of the improvements of the ramp came more than 9 years ago, from a plan submitted by the then HRFA V.P. Charles Stamm to the NJ DEP and Mr. Bill Neyenhouse. (Hudson River Walkway Co-ordinator) It has taken this long for the design plans and revisions to be formulated, reformulated, and submitted to the state.
The two worked out plans and acquired grants of $100,000.00 and an additional $140,000.00 from the state to improve this access site.

By the second year the ramp was in use the end of the floating portion of the dock was damaged and had to be removed.

The ramp is still usable but as predicted by Chas Stamm..."This will never hold up against the currents of the Hudson...I give it two years...tops."

gwramp2.jpg (13238 bytes)  

Photos by Norm Andreasen   

More on the Ramp

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Free Parking Passes for the P.I.P for Seniors
Parking passes are available free to any NJ resident 62 years and older. They are issued by the NJ DEP and you can get them at any NJ State Park. They are good at any NJ State Park as well as any NJ section of the Palisades Interstate Park. Applicants can come up to the P.I.P. headquarters in Alpine (exit #2) during normal business hours. You must bring a valid NJ driver's license. A short application form is filled out which will take less than five minutes. You can also call 201-768-1360 and have the application mailed to you.

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Access Signs on the Walkway

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New Jersey Hudson River Walkway coordinator, Mr. Bill Neyenhouse has announced the posting of signs along the Hudson River Walkway.  The new signs will point out the different access points that are available to the public. Many places along the Hudson shoreline have the walkway built but do not let people know how to get to it.  Acessign.gif (6428 bytes)
These new signs will show the way.   One interesting little piece of artwork that bill has introduced to the signage is an HRFA NJ logo at the bottom left corner of the signs.  check it out!




"Fishing the Hudson"   Access Brochure

Out of stock!!! No longer Available.

A listing of 28 fishing locations along the shoreline of the Hudson River
This access pamphlet written by HRFA NJ President (currently Director & Web Master) Charles Stamm, lists 28 "Hot Spots" to fish along the Hudson River from Jersey City to Piermont. With research gathered from numerous HRFA members, who have fished these waters for years, you will find this a valuable asset in fishing the River. The pamphlet lists the areas to fish at what time of year, for what species, and what techniques and baits to use. The brochure comes with complete color maps to help you get to some of those "hard to find" places. Tides play an important role in the success of fishing the Hudson. A spot that produces fish on one tide will generally not produce on the opposite tide. This is all discussed in the pamphlet. Tips on tackle, Currents, Baits, and even where to buy your baits are discussed.
The access brochure is available at the meetings for a $4.00 donation.

100% of your donation goes to the HRFA and their efforts to improve the quality of the Hudson River.

I have started to list these locations on line. We can utilize more space than in printed form. Click on the link and you will be able to read or download the information on these locations.

Read what others are saying about our Fishing the Hudson Brochure!

"I received the Access Brochure and really enjoyed reading the material. I forwarded a check to HRFA NJ in the amount of $25.00. I thank you for your expeditious response and once again I salute your organization for their continued efforts in keeping the Hudson River safe from destruction and a fisherman’s paradise.
Keep up the excellent work. I will support your organization and echo your information to all that I am in contact with.

Thank you,"
John Solotarow   August 6, 2001

"Fished off of Englewood Boat Basin on 3/25/01.  That shore points book helped out a lot.   I would have never known to go down there.  I caught a 16" striper right where it tells you to go, my first of the season.  Plenty of other hits, too...."     Eugene Ienuso

Chas, the book was great, thanks. I will be sending my membership application
to HRFA soon and look forward to receiving the news letters. Fished Alpine Boat Basin last Sunday Just where you said. I got a 17 1/2 inch striper on a blood worm using a high low rig with 4 oz. cast straight out from the left side of the fishing pier about 45 min. before high tide in the am.   "I`ll be back"
Thanks Chas,
Mick Latimer

"Dear Fishermen,

Thank you for sending me the "Fishing the Hudson" Booklet.  It's really useful.  I would like to become a member of the HRFA NJ Chapter, and I am enclosing a check for $20.00.

Sincerely,  Richard Ball   377 Bleeker Street  New York, N.Y.  June 9, 2001"

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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has established a new toll-free environmental hotline number for reporting spills, hazardous discharges and other environmental emergencies.

The number, 1-877-WARNDEP

(1-877-927-6337), is now available for use and will eventually replace DEP's previous hotline number, 609-292-7172. The 24-hour hotline is staffed by trained communication operators who contact the appropriate staff to respond to reported incidents. The new toll-free number also is available for use from New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware in the event of discharges into interstate waters or air releases impacting New Jersey.

"We initiated this toll-free number to help citizens have a more active role in reporting environmental pollution incidents. We hope residents will take advantage of this service and call DEP if they see any discharges that pose potential environmental harm," said DEP Commissioner Bob Shinn.

For more information you can visit the DEP web site at:


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Caven Point Pier  Closed!

Liberty State Park is wondering what they should do with the Caven Point Pier in Jersey City.  This pier is well known to many of our long time HRFA members.  The pier is located just south of the boat ramp at Liberty State Park and juts out almost a mile into the harbor. Many members would report numerous catches of big striped bass, blues, weakfish and blackfish off this pier.

The pier had been damaged in the past due to storms and a fire.  It has been a victim of neglect and they are now looking into what should be done with the pier. 

We think it should become part of the Hudson River Walkway Project.  Make it what it once was…A great fishing spot with views of the harbor that will knock your socks off.


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The CRABHOUSE Receives Award From HRFA

Pictured Left to Right:

Charles Stamm, Tony Evangelista, Victor Rezabala, Ray Marione

crabhouse4.jpg (86919 bytes)

Edgewater August 15, 2000

In a ceremony held at the CRABHOUSE in Edgewater, members of the HRFA Access Committee, presented the Crab House Restaurant with an award commending the restaurant for their  commitment to the Hudson River Walkway and making anglers of the Hudson feel welcome on their property.   HRFA Directors Charles Stamm, Ray Marione, and Tony Evangelista made the presentation to the Manager, Victor Rezabala, of the Crab House on Tuesday evening, August 15, 2000.  The Crab House will be displaying the plague on the premises.

Also present were HRFA directors   Jim Campbell, Tim Burden and HRFA President George Graf.

The Award was Presented because of the willingness of the Crab house to accommodate visitors to their portion of the NJ Walkway Project.  Visitors, not just anglers, have an open facility in which they can walk, crab, or fish all the way out to and around the seafood restaurant.  A fish cleaning station is also available on the premises.

The HRFA is indebted to the Crab house and thanks them for their open hospitality towards the citizens of New Jersey wishing to enjoy the waterfront along the Hudson River.

crabhouse1.jpg (70826 bytes)

The CRABHOUSE Pier is one of the nicest sections of the NJ walkway you can find.  the pier goes out over 100 yards into the Hudson with the restaurant at the end.  You will find benches, seats and a fish cleaning station at the end. the restaurant lets it's visitors utilize the entire pier.