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Access Location

Piermont Pier

Piermont, N.Y. Take Piermont road (state highway 340), to the center of town & follow signs. This is the most popular shoreline fishing spots on the Hudson during the spring striper run.


The Pier extends a mile into the river. A long walk! Parking is available on the pier but a yearly parking pass is required. The cost of the permit increases each year for out of state residents. Many HRFA members use bicycles with baskets and rod holders to make the journey out to the end of the pier.

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Call for the current price as this changes year to year.

Apply early in the season because there is a limited amount of passes sold each year.

Don’t get caught with your car on the pier without a permit!

The fines are stiff!  $$

Park at the beginning of the pier.  Near the little league field there is ample parking.

If you are lucky enough to obtain a pass for driving out on the pier, as you can see by the photo on the left, it is quite convenient fishing from your car.  There are plenty of areas to park and fish. The springtime run of stripers gets pretty crowded on this pier.

The pier is open from 6 am to 9 pm, all year. A favorite spot all year round but particularly good during the spring spawning run. HRFA member Kel Hiltsley, likes to fish the north side on the outgoing tide and the south side on the incoming tide.

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This photo is from on the pier.  You can see there is a long walk out to the end.  Fishing is allowed the entire length of the pier.   Springtime is the best!

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HRFA Member Ricky Taliaferro uses a 14-foot rod to cast as far as he can away from the pier. (He says that’s the key) He likes the north side on both tides. Rick will fish about 50 to 100 feet in from the end of the pier and cast to the north. He prefers bloodworms. Rick has been known to spend all day at this pier during the spring run of stripers.

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The very end of the pier offers a wide open area for fishing and sightseeing.  A breeze is usually present to keep things cool.   Bring a windbreaker style of jacket.

Many prefer this end area to fish.

Watch your striped bass size and bag limits! This is New York and this pier is policed regularly! Fish and Game personnel will fine you if you have illegal fish. It’s a hefty fine. As of this writing, New York has a one fish limit on striped bass 18 inches or longer.


Piermont Village Clerk

845-359-1258  ext. 7

N.Y. state game wardens walk this pier during the spring run of striped bass. 

Be careful not to get caught taking illegal size or quantity fish.


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