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Annual Fishing Auction

December 10, 2019

General Meeting

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Free Admission! Open to the Public!

Auctioneer John Graf takes another bid from the floor on one of hundreds of values being bid on at the annual HRFA Fishing Auction


Over 100 people will be cramming into the Elks hall for an evening centered around hundreds of great fishing related articles.   Rods, reels tackle boxes, lures, anchors, radios, electronics, line, and many other items new and used all sold for a fraction of their original cost.


Get Involved With the Auction


By Carl Bruger


The HRFA December 2019 auction will soon be upon us and if you have not done any planning or preparation don’t expect to reap many benefits. The Auction is as good as the numbers of those present make it! If you are going to have items to auction off it is imperative that you get stickers from Arnie Ulrich so that those labels are affixed to the items before you get to the Auction. This cash only bidding starts at $15 for a minimum. The best items you can expect to sell are new and gently used high end well known brands that the bidders know and respect.


Arnie Ulrich can be reached at or (201) 304-4691


What types of things sell? If you are looking through your basement, garage, closets, attic, or shed, the obvious items are rods, reels, lures, nets, tackle boxes, terminal tackle, and rigs. Sometimes there is a market and demand for the right clothing, electronics, fishing kits etc. Things like lead and molds are in demand by individuals. Coolers, minnow buckets, creels,

antiques sometimes have “traction” as well. Rods better sited as tomato stakes and reels sprouting barnacles do not belong near the auction tables yet every year we waste time having to try to “sell” some of this stuff and waste the time of the folks interested in the honest



It is imperative that you show up and bring a friend or two who are interested in bidding on items. The more people present the better the auction will do. This is a great place to get Holiday gifts for the anglers in your sphere of present shopping. Guys who hang around until the end always get the absolute best bargains because some folks left and others spent their

money yet there are awesome items yet to be bid on!


Here are some more bits of good advice. Arrive early and have an awesome relaxing dinner at the Elks for ten bucks plus a two dollar tip. Check out all the stuff other guys have put up for bid. Make a list of the things by number that you might want to bid on when they are

brought up by the auctioneers. Be sure to make your bids clear to the auctioneers so they are not missed and you lose out on an item that you wanted. We all will be doing our best up front but please realize ahead of time that we are all amateur volunteers just doing the best that we can to help the HRFA and you enjoy the evening.



Contact Us Click Here


Open To the Public!  Free Admission!

Members and Non Members are allowed to bid on ALL Items!

Selling items is limited to MEMBERS ONLY Bidding is open to anyone!

Viewing Time: 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm    Auction Begins at 7:00 pm SHARP

Elk's Lodge Ridgefield Park, NJ.         Directions

Questions - 201-446-2653


How the Auction Works!

This is a fun meeting.  Enjoy it for what it is.  An opportunity for HRFA members to sell some of those unused fishing items they no longer use and another opportunity to buy some new items at bargain prices.   It is also a lot of fun to bid on these items.  You will enjoy this meeting!

If you have any items you would like to put up for auction, place one of our labels on it and put a minimum price you would like to get on it.  When that item comes up for bid, the bidding will start at that price and goes up from there.  You get what ever the selling price is less the HRFA 10%.   That’s it!  Simple, huh!  Only fishing related items will be allowed to be put up for bid: Rods, Reels, Boats, Boating Equipment, tackle, etc. but NO FIREARMS!  No Weapons!

How about those fishing socks you got last Christmas?!  Sell them!!!

At the end of the meeting, you will receive your money for your items. If you have items for less than $9, they will not be put up for auction but will be put on a separate table to be sold at face value. Again, you will be reimbursed for those items at the end of the evening.

Placing items up for bid is restricted to HRFA members ONLY!  If you are not a member it will cost you $25 to participate which includes membership .

HRFA Auction Procedures  

Due to the number of items being put up for bid, certain procedures are needed. Some of these procedures will provide better identification of items being put up for bid. Other changes will be for administrative purposes. The main point our members will be concerned with is the labeling procedure for all items. All items must have the following label attached to them. If you have any items to enter into the club auction, contact Rocco Moretto  BEFORE December 1 to acquire your labels! The number of items being put up for bid will be limited to 20 per member if picked up before the December meeting. Labels will be available at the door but limited to only five labels! You will only be able to sell 5 items if you pick up your tickets at the door!

            Come to the meeting EARLY so you can view all the items up for bid! Viewing time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Write down the item’s number so you know when it comes up for bid.  There will be many similar looking items! Write down the NUMBER!!  Come early and bid high! 

            All items $9 and under will be on a separate table and sold for their face value.  These items will not be put up for auctioning bids.  One dollar denominations only!  NO CHANGE!


Cash Only!  No Checks! No Credit Cards!

The Auction is always held on the second Tuesday in December!

If you want your item put up for the highest bidder, you must put a minimum bid of at least $10.00.

All items must have the following HRFA label attached to them.

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Items donated to the HRFA require a special label. See Rocky. at the meetings. Come to the December meeting EARLY so you can view all the items up for bid! Write down the item’s number so you know when it comes up for bid!! Come early and bid high! Pick up your labels early!

If you have items to sell bring them in as early as 6:30 pm. The December Meeting Will Start at 7:30 PM !

Get There EARLY !    Bring Cash!   No CHECKS!   Have Fun!   Get there early!


Auction Rules:

  •  Members are entitled to 20 labels each ...meaning you can put up to 20 items up for auction.

  • Commercial Vendors get 40. (tackle stores... Moe's, etc)..They bring some good stuff !

  • Labels must be picked up before the December meeting.

  • Labels picked up at the December meeting will be limited to only 5 items. (5 labels)

  • Only Current Year Labels will be used for items to be auctioned off.  It had come to my attention that if an old label was left on an item, the money might go to the wrong person.  REMOVE any OLD LABELS.

  • Only fishing related items will be sold. No weapons, no firearms.

  • Items for $9 and under will be sold at face value.  There will be no bidding on items under $10.  A separate table will be set up for items $9 and under.   See HRFA Director Al White for the location of the $9 table.

  • Please restrict your pricing to dollar amounts change. No Checks. Cash ONLY!

  • The meeting is open to the public. Anyone can bid on an item.  Only members can sell.

  • Placing a low opening bid often gets a higher end price.  More bidders.  Many higher priced items do not get bid on at all.

  • Pay attention to the label numbers on an item.  This number will be called out as the item comes up for bid.  A viewing time will be allowed before the auction begins.  Get here early and write down the item numbers you wish to bid on.

  •  All vendors ( members selling items) must wait till the end of the auction to collect their unsold items and get paid.  

  • The club gets 10% of the selling price.

  • No one will be allowed in the front to view or remove any item from the selling floor once the auction begins.

  • There will be a halftime break for food and a 50/50.  You will not be allowed in to the selling floor at this time.

  • The HRFA will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.  if you place items up for bid...keep an eye on them.  I know it’s tough but you have to do this.  we will have spotters watching things during the viewing time, but cover your own items with one eye.

  • We need some help with this project.  There is a lot of things to do during this event.  We could use some help in manning the tables and other things.  Anyone wishing to help, see Rocky at the meetings.

  • The Auctioneer Controls the Bidding. If you do not meet the bid asked by the auctioneer, you will not win the bidding. The decision of the Auctioneer is Final.



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