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HRFA Annual Fishing Contest 2022


Official HRFA Contest, Rules, Results, Updates, Click Here!



The HRFA NJ hosts an annual fishing contest which runs from January through December and is open to all HRFA NJ members. 

Various divisions are available for prizes.  

You have 30 days from the day you catch a fish to send in your entries.

As a member of the HRFA you and your immediate family are eligible to enter fish in any of our categories.



HRFA   Contest Chairmen:  Capt. Aram Setian  Scott Havner

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Salt Water Species

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Striped Bass Released

Caught From Boat

(Catch & Release) in Inches

Joe Marchese  50"

Heather Baez 39.8"



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Striped Bass Kept

Caught From Boat

( Kept )   in LBS



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   Striped Bass Released

    Caught From Shoreline

   (Catch & Release) in Inches


                                 Sandy Federico  40"

Carl Hartmann  34"

John Francesconi 32"

Carl Hartmann 31.25"
John Francesconi 31"

John Francesconi 30"

John Francesconi 29"

Carl Hartmann 28"

John Francesconi 26"

John Francesconi  25"

Carl Hartmann 25"

Butch Pawson 25"

John Francesconi 24"

John Francesconi  23"

John Francesconi  21"

Butch Pawson  21"


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Striped Bass Kept

Caught From Shoreline

( Kept )   in Pounds


Carl Hartmann  18 Lbs.

Butch Pawson 9 Lbs. 10 oz.

















Mona Mak 11Lbs.

Alex Spindelman  5 Lb. 4 oz.

Alex Spindelman 5Lbs. 4 oz.

Alex Spindelman  3.75 Lbs




Butch Pawson 4 Lbs. 14 oz.

Charlie Spindelman  4 Lbs.

Peter Musse 3 Lbs. 6.4 oz.




Bill Fish  10 Lbs. 12 oz.



Scup (Porgy)

Alex Spindelman  1 Lb. 12oz.


Black Sea Bass

Charlie Spindelman  1 Lb. 8 oz.


Open Category Salt Water


Black Sea Ray Carl Hartman 45" (across)

Northern Kingfish Carl Hartman 1 Lbs. 8 oz.

Halibut Joe Marchese 105 Lbs.



Fresh Water Species


Bill Greene 5 Lbs. 13 oz.


Catfish Bill Greene 4 Lbs.13 oz.

Alex Spindelman 4.4 Lbs

Carl Hartman 3.8 Lbs.

Bill Greene 3 Lbs. 1 oz.



Bill Greene  13 LbsBill

Greene 11 Lbs. 7 oz.


Trout   Local

Christian Hoops 3 Lbs.


Trout  Great Lakes

Boris Maltsev 18 Lbs. 8 oz.

Aram Setian 10Lbs.

Scott Havner 9Lbs 6oz.


Smallmouth Bass

Scott Havner  4 Lbs. 15 oz.

Marvin Oresky 3 Lbs. 7 oz.

Largemouth Bass



Heather Baez 33 Lbs.

Boris Maltsev 22 Lbs. 8 oz.

Todd Schmitt 18 Lbs. 8 oz.


Open Category Fresh Water


Bowfin    Scott Havner  7 Lbs. 8 oz.





2021 HRFA Youth Anglers

Striped Bass Kept From Shoreline -  Noah Sardinas 25"

Bluefish Noah Sardinas 6 Lbs. 8 oz. 28 "

Chain Pickerel Tyler Lloyd 15"





Fisherman of the Year



Fisherman of the Year 2018

Joe Marchese




Fisherman of the Year 2001

chashead.jpg (12913 bytes)

Charles Stamm

Fisherman of the Year 2002

darrenhead.jpg (9785 bytes)

Darren Cardinal

Fisherman of the Year 2003

CarlHartmannhead.jpg (3400 bytes)

Carl Hartmann


Fisherman of the Year 2004

Rosariohead.jpg (10713 bytes)

Rosario Mannino


Fisherman of the Year 2005

bergfamilyweb2.jpg (18985 bytes)

The Richard Berlingeri Family!

Fisherman of the Year 2006


SteveByrneweak16-2006-2.jpg (41593 bytes)

Steve Byrne

Fisherman of the Year 2007

Steven Furch

Fisherman of the Year 2008


Ed Noak

Fisherman of the Year 2009

Butch Pawson

Fisherman of the Year 2010

Fishermanyear2011MikeSantiagoweb.jpg (23084 bytes)

Mike Santiago

Fisherman of the Year 2011

Al White

Fisherman of the Year 2012

Wayne Geider

Fisherman of the Year 2013

Rick Englesbe

Fisherman of the Year 2014

Anthony Carbone

Fisherman of the Year 2015

Miguel Sardinas

Fisherman of the Year 2018

Joe Marchese


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H.R.F.A.  All Time Fishing Contest Records


20 Lbs 11 oz Samuel Beauchamp 3-11-07   

15 lbs Keith Small  1991

Bluefish     1995

20 lbs  3oz.    Roy Pearsall

Flounder      1993

4 lbs     Tom Paciorkowski

Fluke     2019

Chested Fabyanski  13 Lbs. 3 oz.  2019

Paul Gamba  11 lb 10 oz   2010

10 lb 15 oz   Mike Cargill 2005 

10 lbs. 13 oz    Chester Fabyanski   2011

1999 10 lbs 6oz     Tom Paciorkowski

Weakfish    2006  

16 lbs 10oz Steve Byrne

13 lbs 9oz     George Graf      1986

Largemouth Bass 2006  

10 lbs 1 Joe Nardello

Smallmouth Bass 2008

Robert Fanslau  7 lb 0 oz

Darren Cardinal  6 lbs 2oz 2007

Carp 5-2011

38 lb 8 oz  John Francesconi    Photo 2   5-2011

29 lbs Norm Andreasen  1999

Trout  2009

Lake Trout Carl Bruger 32 lb 11 oz.

23 lbs 7oz   (Steelhead)   Rudy Padro   1995

Catfish   2008  

26.2 lbs Carl Bruger



Striped Bass (Released)  2005

53 1/2 inches   Darren Cardinal

June 8th off Long Branch. It was 53 1/2 in long and 35 1/2 in girth


Rick Englesbe  50.5"  May 2020

Joe Marchese 50"

Striped Bass (Kept)  2019

Mike Santiago 47 Lbs 8 oz. 7/17/2019

Mike Banahan 47 lb 6 oz 7/2008

Mike Santiago 47 Lbs 2 Oz 8/20/2013

Darren Cardinal 45 lb 12 oz.  7/2008

44 lb 11oz  Mike Banahan   7/14/2005

43 lb 3 oz  Ken Jennings        11/2004

Black Sea Bass     2013

Ilin Martinez   5.9 Lbs  2/26/2013

Steven Verbovsky  4 lb 2 oz  2008

Salmon     6/2004

50 lbs  4 oz   Darren Cardinal

Scup (Porgy)  8-2009

Margaret Tozzo Porgy 3 lb 4 oz

Andy Liso Porgy  3 lb 0 oz


Click on the links for photos of record fish when available!

NJ State record Tile Fish...Rick Englesbe Sept 2, 2013


Contest  Rules for the year



Awards will be given for the following categories of fish

Bluefish Weakfish Flounder Fluke
Blackfish Catfish Carp Largemouth Bass
Striped Bass Salmon Trout   Local Trout  Great Lakes
Scup ( Porgy ) Black Sea Bass Smallmouth Bass
Striped Bass

(Catch & Release & Kept from Boat)

( Catch & Release & Kept from Shoreline)


HRFA Annual Fishing Contest Rules
(revision as of January 2018)

This is a free contest runs from January 1st to December 31st and is open to all paid members and their family.

1. Family members are spouse and all children 17 years old and under living at that members home and grandchildren 12 years old and under. Rules are simple.

NOTE: To make the contest fair, a new consideration has been introduced: differentiating fish caught from boat and from shore.

2. Catch any fish from the contest list, fill in all information on the entry form and submit it within 30 days of capture. The forms can be mailed in to the contest chairman or handed in at the monthly meetings. An on-line entry form is also available. There will be 17 winners, the heaviest in each category. Only one catch entry qualifies per category. 

3. There will also be a division for the longest in the catch and release Striped Bass division. The winners of this division will be the longest striped bass caught and then returned to the water ALIVE. A tape measure MUST be used to measure the fish from the tip of the head to the tip of the longest part of the tail. No striper that is kept will qualify for this award.

4. There will be two categories for the Trout division. One for "Local Caught Trout" and one for the "Great Lakes area Trout."

5. All fish must be caught on rod and reel and all state and federal fishing laws must be obeyed. All fish must be weighed with a scale and measured with a tape measurer. Measure length from tip of head to tip of tail. Girth measured from the fattest part of the body, around the width of the fish.  Either the name of a witness or photo of the fish caught must be provided.

6. Winners with the heaviest fish in each of the weight category will receive a $50 or a $25 gift certificate to a local tackle shop and a framed award certificate.

7. Winners of the Striped Bass category will receive for:

Longest, Released a $75 gift certificate, one each caught from shore and one from boat

Heaviest, Kept a $50 gift certificate, one each caught from shore and one from boat

8. Heaviest Fish, any Saltwater fish a $50 gift certificate (no duplicate entries)

9. Heaviest Fish, any Freshwater fish a $50 gift certificate (no duplicate entries)

10. All winners will also receive a framed award certificate.

11. In case of a tie, the earliest dated entry wins.

12. Any fish caught on or before December 31st will have until January 31st of the new year to be entered.

13. The decision of the judges is final.

14.  You can't change rule number 13

Young Fisherman Award

An award will be given to any HRFA family member 17 years old and younger and any grandchild 12 years old and younger, who enters a good sized fish in ANY of the categories listed. Same rules apply for the youth division. This fish does not have to be the heaviest or the longest, but must be hooked and landed by the youngster. Anyone who enters for this award must put his or her age next to their name on the entry form. Grandchildren should also include their grandparent members name.

Bait Bucket Prize

A special prize will be given at the annual awards dinner to any one person who submitted a fish on an entry form.  All contest entries will be placed in a bait bucket and ONE will be drawn as the winner.  Past prizes were either a rod, rod and a reel combo or an equivalent $100 gift certificate.. Anyone can win this one!

Fisherman of the Year

An award will be given to the person who demonstrates an outstanding ability to catch fish, no matter what the contest species. Winner will be judged by the entries submitted throughout the year.  You do not have to catch big fish to qualify.   Size weight, species, amount and sportsmanship will all be considered for this award. Member nominations are appreciated.

All prizes and awards will be presented at our annual club awards dinner which is held in the spring of each year.  It is recommended that the award recipients attend to receive the award and recognition.  The date of the dinner will be announced to all club members at our monthly meetings and in the monthly newsletter, the River Views prior to the dinner.  It's a gala event not to be missed.

Official contest entry forms can be obtained at any meeting of the HRFA.

Official fishing contest entry forms can be sent by mail.  Click on the following link and give us your name and address and we will mail you some forms.  

Official entry forms can also be handed in at the meetings to the contest chairman

 HRFA Fishing Contest Chairman   Aram Setian




Big or Small...Enter Them All !


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