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Chas Stamm

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History with the HRFA

BIO:  Charles Stamm   aka:    Chas  -  Chas Stamm   - Capt. Chas  Stamm


         1989 to 2005  Director, H.R.F.A.     1996-1998 President

            Hudson River Fishermen’s Association

            Created and still maintain web sites www.hrfanj.org   www.hrfa.us     www.hrfa.net

            Held various positions in this premier environmental organization to include:

            Director, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Vice President, and  President 

Worked with officers of this environmental organization and helped set up and run various projects, seminars, programs and educational events.  Assistant Editor of monthly newsletter, “The River Views.” 

1989 TV Episode  ESPN The Fishing Hole with Jerry McKinnis   features Chas Stamm fishing "Manhattan Stripers."

         1990 Organized and ran the first HRFA Atlantic City Casino Raffle Fund Raiser. Responsible for all record keeping and awarding of prizes.

         1991 Appointed Delegate to NJ DEPE Harbor Estuary Program 

         1992 Re-wrote the by-laws and constitution of the H.R.F.A.

         1993 Elected Vice President and Recording Secretary of HRFA.

         1993 Became Assistant Editor of River Views monthly Newsletter.  Instituted new format, design changes, and first ever calendar of events for H.R.F.A.

         1993 Appointed Delegate to N.J. Federation of Sportsman

         1993 Appointed Project Manager for the H.R.F.A. to obtain grants funding for Visual Aids Projects.

Project was and is still used to disseminate educational information to schools and civic groups concerning our waterways and estuaries.

         1994 Worked with NJ DEPE as consultant on Hudson River Walkway Project.  13 miles of continuous walkway From Liberty State Park to the George Washington Bridge. Project was to provide public access and clean up the Hudson River Waterfront in all of New Jersey.


  • 1995 “Salt Water Sportsman” Featured in National magazine. “Fish the Big APPLE.”

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Photo from Fish the Big Apple!

         1995 Winner of Pete Barrett Achievement Award.  Highest award given by the H.R.F.A.

         1996  Researched, authored, printed, and published book on fishing the Hudson River.  Provided people with public access locations for the Hudson River Waterfront from Piermont, N. Y. to Jersey City, N. J. Brochure titled “Fishing The Hudson  Book One: Shoreline Access Points.”

         12/19962006 Project manager for the HRFA AUCTION. Automated recording system to Laptops and spreadsheets in 2002. Wrote software to record and report all finances of the event.

         1997 Obtained Grants from NJ DEP for $240,000.00 for improvements to boat ramps along the Hudson River.  Construction beginning March 1999. Specifically Hazards Ramp below the GWB.

         1997-2003 Co-Chairman - Hooked on Hudson educational series of events which included recruiting notable guest speakers as Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,  John Cronin, Robert Boyle, Pete Barrett, Al Ristori and others.

         6/10/97 Proposed at E-Board meeting sponsoring an offshore wreck in NJ artificial reef program. "The HRFA NJ Wreck."

         8/17/97 Organized the First "One Day Contest" set up to get non-boat owners out on the River for a one day fishing contest. Main requirement...Must fish from a boat & must have an HRFA non boat owner with you. “The HRFA Grand Slam.”

         1/1997 Instituted first ever H.R.F.A. Web Site on internet.  http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/HRFANJ       Responsible for updating and maintaining all association info to include festivals, educational seminars, fishing reports, boating conditions, environmental reports, general meetings, guest speakers, memberships, etc. Still Webmaster to HRFA to include additional sites with Fred Rung – www.hrfanj.org ; www.hrfa.us;  www.hrfa.net;  www.stripedbassderby.com

         6/3/97 Instituted Boat lettering kits "HRFA NJ" become available to members. This way members could identify other HRFA members while out on the water.

         11/4/97 While President of the HRFA, I invited the General Electric Company to speak at one of our HRFA General Meetings.  I thought it would be a good idea to hear their side of the Pollution story.

G.E. sends Hudson River Site Engineer John Haggard as guest speaker to general meeting about their participation with the PCB problem in the Hudson River.

The meeting was standing room only with all HRFA members in attendance well versed on the subject… and just ripped Mr. Haggard and his explanations to pieces. Considerable mention has to go to Andy Wilner in attendance that just flew off the handle at the GE Rep and hand to be restrained.  A great night for the HRFA! I never saw Andy get so worked up.

  • 11/98 Mt Sinai asks HRFA President Chas Stamm to have HRFA Members participate in tests for PCBs in humans. Testing to begin at January 1999 meeting.

         3/7/01 Worked with Environmental director Gil Hawkins to convince Federal EPA that NY State should not be the only locations for public comment on GE PCB issue.   Convinces them to hold a hearing in Jersey.  March 7, 2001 at the Marriott in Saddle Brook.  Meeting is well attended and very informative about the cleanup plan. 

  • 1995- 2004  Attended numerous EPA and NY District Meetings on the PCB issue and Striped Bass issues

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         2002 to 2005 Project Manager Hudson River Striped Bass Derby

Created the largest striped bass fishing tournament in the history of the Hudson River.  High point was the 2004 event which boasted a $100,000 grand prize and had over 700 anglers participating in this event.  www.stripedbassderby.com   Responsible for setting up rules for contest, logistics, prizes, locations, on-line presence and sponsors of this event.

         2002 to 2006 Project manager for Trade Shows for the HRFA

Project Manager for HRFA at all major sportsmen’s shows in the NY – NJ area to include the NY National Boat Show, the World Fishing and Outdoor Expo in Suffern, NY, the NJ International Boat Show, the NJ Fishing and Hunting Show the NJ Saltwater Fishing Expo.

         June 17, 2005   Helicopter crashed into the East River.  HRFA members Chas Stamm and Joe Curvino were fishing in their boat in front of the UN building and rushed over to the rescue. We managed to pluck three survivors out of the water and help save four more.   The chopper is carrying 6 executives from MBNA Bank.  All survived thanks to quick thinking and quick acting HRFA members.  We were honored by George Steinbrenner on Father’s day of that year for Hero’s Day” at Yankee stadium for our efforts on the East River.

         Moved to St Augustine Florida in October of 2006.


Boating, fishing, photography.  Have fished extensively in various areas of North America to include: Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun,  Canada, Thousand Islands, Ontario,  Florida Keys and inland lakes,  Louisiana, Texas, and many areas of New York and New Jersey regions. 

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Have acted as spokesperson for environmental aspects of Hudson River Estuary for many Schools, Public Hearings, municipalities and civic groups. Led the fight with the Federal EPA against polluters of the Hudson River and surrounding waterways.

I hope I have made a difference       Chas   <'////><


As of 2006   -  Chas is living in St Augustine, Florida   chasstamm@gmail.com


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