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JCAA Sportsperson of the Year 2002

Ray Marione

November 10, 2002

  November 10, 2002 the Jersey Coast Anglers Association honored HRFA member, trustee, director, and chief cook and bottle washer Ray Marione with their annual Sportsperson of the Year Award.   The event was held at the Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, NJ. The HRFA had two tables of ten filled with HRFA members.   Ray had another two tables with his relatives.

   Keynote speaker for the gala event was NJ governor James McGreevey.  Frankly, whenever I go to any events that promise the governor attending, they never show up.  They usually send a representative or someone else in their place. To my surprise, McGreevey showed up.  And he joked around with Ray!  He seemed like a likeable guy who had quite a few things to say.  Not only about the environment, water quality or weakfish issues but spoke about Ray as well.

   When first approached with the initial prospect of nominating someone for this award, it came to mind immediately that Ray Marione should be our nomination. Through the work of many of our members who have worked with Ray on past projects, HRFA member Bruce Halstater put together a package of Ray’s qualifications and presented it to the JCAA for their consideration.

   From working with the NJ DEP on the Hudson River Walkway, to the initiating Gamefish status for the striped bass, countless meetings and projects, Ray has been there for the HRFA NJ.

   Congratulations to our own       Ray Marione       Sportsman of the Year  2002


Fallen member 2009