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HRFA Fallen Members


George Graf Danny Bontempts Tom Paciorkowski
Rudy Padro Ray Marione Fred Edwing
Darren Cardinal Tom Bromilow Rich Berlingeri
Lou Obsuth Jack Lipton Fred Rung
Mike Cargill    





 Mike Cargill. 

Mike will be always remembered as a dedicated and loyal member of the HRFA. He was always available to help in any way he could. As examples, he consistently participated in the HRFA Youth Angler activities and spent hours working our booth at the outdoors shows. For his many valuable contributions to the HRFA, he was awarded the prestigious Pete Barrett Award in 2012.


Mike was an avid fisherman and really treasured the memories of the countless enjoyable days spent on his boat.


God Bless his Soul,







Last month long time original HRFA member Jack Lipton met his maker at the age of 85. The Paramus resident was an avid angler who specialized in taking
kids with special needs on fishing trips.


I remember his devotion, patience and enthusiasm for these remarkable children, especially a trip to the Jersey City walkway, where the excited screams of the kids reverberated as they caught slimy wriggling eels! At the last general meeting he was fondly eulogized by friend and fellowlong time HRFA member Sergio Radossi. Jack was a very active member for decades and often attended meetings for not just our group, but also the PIP (Palisades Interstate Parks Commission). He did volunteer work for Hackensack Medical Center, Meals on Wheels, The Special Olympics, and Camp Sunshine.

Our sincerest condolences go out to his wife, Jeanette, and his entire family. Donations to the Make-a-Wish- Foundation may be made in his memory.

C. Bruger

Tom Bromilow

            Without ever knowing the facts we lost one of our longest members in the HRFA this past summer. Tom Bromilow was a veteran retired Game warden who was a fountain of knowledge for any of us lucky enough to fish with him extensively. His passing due to a heart attack was confirmed to me by a Captain of the Woodcliff Lake Police who had even been a fellow trainee with Tom many years ago. I count myself lucky to be in that privileged few who called Tom friend; because he could be quite a curmudgeon who, as Shakespeare said, could never suffer fools. His dry wit and fishing skills ranged from shad excellence on the Delaware to musky fishing from Jersey to Canada. He was an HRFA member for close to thirty years. He and I fished both sides of Lake Ontario for years and he was a welcomed guest at my summer camp on the lake. In his later years he donated many articles of fishing gear to help get kids into fishing. I sure will miss him.                                    


Rich Berlingeri

A report on the death of Rich Berlingeri came as a sudden shock just as we went to press. Rich was the father of eleven children and for years was a very active club member.  I remember he was recently doing missionary work and also participated extensively in last year’s auction when he seemed to be in good health. Bob Kaczorowski saw him just a few weeks ago at a street fair where he seemed well. Rich was an active angler and enjoyed fishing the Hudson River where he owned a boat with fellow member Christian Hoops. Our deepest sympathies are extended to his wife, children, and extensive family.                                    



Lou Obsuth

Lou Obsuth, better known to HRFA regulars and fishermen as “Hot Dog Louie” died recently. He often chartered Darren Cardinal’s old charter boat Hyper-Striper out of Twin Lights Marina in Sandy Hook and was one of Captain Pete Wagner’s steadiest fares. I’ve seen the man haul in every catch from trophy striper to puppy drum despite his ill health that had him on an oxygen bottle in between fish battles! His generosity regarding the product he sold and the beloved nickname he earned will be remembered by all those who fished with him and enjoyed those tube steak repasts.







Darren Cardinal

Pete Barrett Award Winner, Youth Anger Program Chairman, youth Scholarship Chairman

Darren Cardinal

1952 - 2009

Carl Bruger  River Views Sept 2009

We have just lost a Titan of an HRFA member with the sudden death of a man who was in this writer’s opinion, our best angler, youth angler supporter, scholarship fund benefactor and personal friend.  Darren had just spent some time up on Lake Ontario fishing with his son Brendan and our favorite guide Chris Cinelli with the usual limit catches of smallmouth and other targeted fish. I heard the tragic news in a shocking phone call from our mutual HRFA friend, Wayne Geider while I also was fishing, but on the ESLO side of the lake, (East Side Lake Ontario).                                                                                                            

Darren_Record_Salmon.jpg (28894 bytes)

         Darren was only fifty-six, having been born on October 22, 1952 and passing on this 9th of August. My son-in-law Brian Rutigliano, a fellow HRFA member, remembered that that was the same date when Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead Rock group died and he was a man whose music I often heard in Darren’s Hummer on our long trips north along with loud heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath that he and I enjoyed from our younger days.   I always thought in his later years that Darren looked a bit like the bearded Garcia and even more like my favorite author, the great Ernest Hemingway, who was also a great angler of international renown. For our members that did not know him well, he was, as I described him, a giant in heart and generosity, plus business and fishing achievement each a parallel to his bearlike stature. Also the man could snore! If you ever shared a motel room on a fishing trip with Darren you expected the paint might be sucked off the walls by morning.   Poor Mike Waslo got stuck with both of us in the same room and we nearly kept the young HRFA member sleepless in Lewiston.              

      Darren was adept, accomplished and expert at both salt water and fresh water angling pursuits. He holds both the salmon and released striper HRFA club records and a few others with less notoriety. I know for a fact that he could have held records that he never even declared or entered, whispering once in my ear that it meant far more to a current record holder, so he refused to register the fish. In the last year he became one in a million who caught and released all three species of sturgeon from the Pacific, Great Lakes and Atlantic. In his early days he was a physical overmatch, beating up giant tuna and swordfish to win many tournaments and earn a few prizes. He was great to fish with on a boat and his dry sense of humor and busting chops made every day on the water one to treasure. On our last time together on Lake Ontario he was very sleepy in Chris Cinelli’s boat, but we were over ravenously feeding Lake Erie smallmouths. In the middle of a snore a huge smallie strike nailed Darren’s minnow and levered the rod and reel so it looked like it was destined for the deep. Cardinal grabbed the rod in mid-air in mid-snore and brought in a trophy four pound bronze back as Chris and I stood open mouthed. This was the only man I ever met that could catch a fish while he was asleep!                                                                

The HRFA honored Darren with the coveted Pete Barrett Award two years ago, emblematic of our highest honor and sort of like winning the MVP in baseball. When he spoke at this year’s awards dinner in giving it to our newest recipient, Gil Hawkins, Darren brought down the house by saying, “This has to be the first time a real estate developer ever gave the same award to a conservationist”!    

       The bond for both men and all of us is fishing. We also believe this love for angling needs to be passed on to the next generations.  Along with Glenn Blank and many others in the club, Darren stood at the forefront by backing extensive pier and boat trips for thousands of boys and girls over the years.  Youth anglers from Jersey City to Guttenberg to Leonia to Kittatiny all benefited from his generosity. The HRFA  scholarship fund was unanimously voted to bear his name in the future. There was also interest in sinking a ship or having a reef location named for Darren off the North Coast of New Jersey. I bet close to a thousand people paid their respects to Darren’s wife Brenda and  their three young children.  I also got to see Darren’s older son Brett and daughter, Lacy, who both came up from Florida.  Brett, who is the image of his dad in those tuna trophy shots we saw at the wake, is an oceanography expert.  We got to fish together last year and plan on a reunion to keep the tradition alive plus make a trip down to Costa Rica to go for roosterfish and other exotics.  Those who would like to make a donation to the scholarship fund in Darren’s name are encouraged to do so by mailing tax deductable checks to the HRFA scholarship box #421 in Cresskill, NJ 07626.




Fred Edwing




HRFA President 1988

Fred Edwing

The HRFA lost another good friend this pasted August 28th Fred Edwing died
at his home in Englewood, Fla. Fred was a past President back in 1989. He
was a very dedicated and serious minded person always attended all the
meetings and loved the club, his favorite place to fish was up at Piermont
Fishing Pier. You can count on Fred being there almost every day unless he
was working at the Ramsey Outdoor store in Paramus, N.J.This is where he
helped fellow anglers out with their fishing equipment. I happen to know
that a lot of customers became new members of the HRFA because of Fred and
his customer service. Fred was one the first General's of the Surf Marines.
He always had great one liners that he would say to fellow anglers. One that
came mind was when he told me once that "He was proud to put his sand spike
next to mine." Fred will be missed, I hope he gets his bag limit of fish
where ever he may be.
The family would like for all of his friends to attend a memorial service
will be held on Sunday Oct. 11, 2009 at 4:30 PM at Trinity Reformed Church,
292 Old Tappan, NJ.
All HRFA members attending please let me know at the families request to
call 904-315 0134 or e-mail Taggertony@AOL.com
Tony Evangelista


Danny Bontemps Top





HRFA member, Pete Barrett Award Winner, Fishing contest Director, Director

Danny Bontemps  

January 20, 1929  -   July 15, 2005

Danny Bontemps 1990-SLRweb.jpg (28530 bytes)








Danny Bontemps  1987-SLRweb.jpg (31490 bytes)



Danny Bontemps


Danny Bontemps, a Hudson River Original

July 19, 2005 

On Saturday, July 16th, 2005 Warren (Danny) Bontemps, one of the original club members, passed away.  While this may not be a familiar name to many, those that knew him well, also know what he did for the H.R.F.A.-N.J. Chapter.   You may have heard me talk about a group of people that helped to get the club back on its feet in the mid-late 80’s.    Danny Bontemps was one of those guys! 

It was Danny who kept club patches from being discarded at a time when the club was close to disbanding.  Those patches provide a revenue source to keep us on our feet.  In addition to the club patches, Danny insured that key club literature was not lost.   Danny arranged for the club to use the Bergenfield Recreation Center when we needed a place to meet.    When we first attempted “Hooked on the Hudson”, Danny volunteered to solicit prizes from area tackle shops and sporting goods stores.  He called it the begging detail, but he loved every minute of it and volunteered many consecutive years.    When we had the ambitious idea to haul river water up to the Fort Lee Historic Center for a live Hudson River Striper display…. Danny was there to help.   Danny Bontemps also ran the fishing contest for more than a few years.  But most importantly, Danny was always there to provide moral support, a few words of encouragement be it in his own unique style.       These are some of the reasons for which Danny received the Pete Barrett Award.    Danny helped make the H.R.F.A.-N.J. Chapter what it is today.

Let’s not forget Danny the fisherman.   Not too long ago, stripers were few and far between, they almost made the endangered species list.   During those years, Danny taught me the secrets of the river and we had no trouble catching and tagging (and yes eating some) bass.   Weakfishing, however, was Danny’s weakness.   If I were to tell you that it was not uncommon to throw back weakfish under 6 lbs as 12-14 lbs fish were the norm... Would you believe me?  Well you should, it was true in the late 80’s.   From flounder to tuna, Danny did it all.  As you might guess there are more fish tales than we have room for, so let me just give Danny Bontemps his due… Danny was one heck of a great fisherman!

It was my good fortune to have known him and be able to call him “friend”.    I will miss Danny.   Please join me in a moment of silence, with the hope that he is on a calm sea, that he has wind and tide in his favor and is busy catching 17 lb weakfish.


Sergio Radossi

Past President and Corresponding Sec.


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George Graf Top



HRFA Member George Graf

georgeG.jpg (29140 bytes)
As a small boy I had big brother who would take me fishing. He helped me learn how to fish. He was happy when I got a fish on and he would help me get it in. He would be so happy.  It was like he got the fish not me because he loved fishing so much.  I will miss him, but when I go fishing I know he will be with me  

Steve Graf    


HRFA NJ President

1999 through 2001 

Former Director, Trustee


I'm going to miss you George...Your friend, Chas  <'////><

Words from HRFA members...

Sergio Radossi

Jim Campbell

Gil Hawkins



From Sergio Radossi

To George Graf   ....  A note of Thanks

Shortly after I received the sad news of George Graf’s passing on 10/26/04,  Jim Campbell called to ask if I would share some memories with fellow club members. 

I met George Graf in the early 80’s at my first meeting HRFA-NJ Chapter meeting.    George welcomed me and introduced me to members like Arnie Ulrich, Danny Bontemps and others who took that extra effort to make feel welcome.     So welcomed that in good part thanks to George I found myself attending the club’s E-Broad meeting being held at the Outdoorsman’s Tackle Shop, which George had recently purchased. (now owned and operated by Dan Riemann)    Next thing I knew, I was the HRFA-NJ Chapter’s newest President......hummm(?)

During my term and beyond, George provided the E-Board members and me with “real” help in our efforts to help the club to grow.   We continued to use the Outdoorsman for the E-Broad meetings.    The meetings were always “lively”, there were always “one or two opinions” on the subject at hand, but most importantly we were a team working together.  While he may have not always agreed, George always put the club’s best interests first in the end.   As I think back, George was a very important part of that mix.

Some of the things that George helped us to accomplish during that time are:

ü       Updating and publishing the Club’s Charter and by-laws

ü       Re-establishing contacts with HRFA – NY

ü       Having speakers at each meeting (one of George’s pet projects)

ü       Club fishing trips

ü       Getting the clubs activities written up by the area outdoors writers (all George)

ü       Hooked on the Hudson (starting from a seminar growing to a three day event)

ü       Starting the Club Environmental Fund

ü       Having an annual dinner

ü       Reorganizing the club’s treasury

ü       The Pete Barrett Annual Award (again, all George)

ü       Growing the club membership past the 100-member mark (followed by 150, 200, etc)

George continued to help the club over the years, preferring work in the background.  He was presented the Pete Barrett award and finally relented to accept the position of club president.

In between volunteering his time to the club, his day job as season ticket manager for the NY Knicks and Rangers and working in the tackle shop, George managed to catch a few fish.   I have yet to meet anyone who could out fish George on Blackfish. One of my best days blackfishing was with George in LI Sound, we worked two rods each for the best part of a tide with fish 3-4 lbs. and above.   Yea, yea.... I know, but its true!  Those who remember our nights tagging stripers in the East River will also remember being out fished by George most of the time.    I could easily take up the whole newsletter talking about the good times fishing with George and adventures with the HRFA-NJ Chapter.   I will miss George.   I am better for having known him.

Sergio Radossi

Past President, Newsletter Editor, Corresponding/Recording Secretary and friend of George Graf


From Jim Campbell

October 26, 2004 was a very sad day for the Hudson River Fishermen's Association.  We lost one of our earliest and most dedicated members.  George Graf had been a member of the Hudson River Fishermen's Association since the early 1970's.  George passed away of a heart attack on Tuesday, October 26, 2004.  George Graf was President of the HRFA during a tumultuous time.  The HRFA was growing rapidly and evolving into a major organization dedicated to protecting not only our fisheries, but also our environment. Growth, change, and mission re-direction does not come without its problems.

The HRFA is not only growing larger; it is also growing older.  We have lost too many good anglers and too many serious environmentalists over the last few years.  Although the HRFA may gain two new members for everyone lost that only speaks to the quantitative side.  On the quality side of the ledger, we always need new, energized and dedicated staff.  If any member, new or old, thinks they have very big feet and can fill George’s shoes, please step up and present yourself to me or any officer of the club. 

Overall the HRFA has prospered because of the dedicated leadership of its officers and particularly its presidents.  Each new president was able to stand on the shoulders of the preceding presidents.  Therefore, George was not 5’ 9”, he was over a

hundred foot tall.  George Graf’s accomplishments over the years were also the foundation of my term as president. 

Past President George Graf will be sorely missed, but his contributions to the HRFA will long be honored and remembered.

Jim Campbell, HRFA President


From Gil Hawkins

George, the club has lost a dedicated President. You always supported
environmental issues. I especially remember your face broadening to a proud smile
when blackfish were mentioned. You had the look of an expert, an ace, and
listening to your stories, I knew you had blackfishing down to a science. Your
dedication to the youth program brought the same smile. Thanks for all you have done
for the club. There will always be a prime place along the rail for you. Fish
in peace. Gil Hawkins

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HRFA Member  Rudy Padro,

Long time HRFA Member Rudy Padro known for his ability to win every prize raffled out at our HRFA Awards dinner every year sadly passed away in 2009.

Rudy loved fishing and loved the HRFA. He attended all our events and served as a shining example of a proud fisherman in the HRFA.


rudyg.gif (70152 bytes)

From Carl Bruger  August Newsletter 2009

With a heavy heart I must confirm reports of the passing of long time HRFA member and dear personal friend Rudy Padro. Having just seen him at a recent winter HRFA meeting, it didn’t seem possible that my old salmon fishing buddy had caught his last steelhead on this side of heaven. I want to deeply thank John Golon, Darren Cardinal and finally Bruce Halstater for factually confirming his demise with a neighbor at his last known address. These three men and I encountered mistrust, resistance, discourtesy and downright rudeness in our sincere efforts to confirm that Rudy had indeed passed away. Bruce finally solved the mystery to give us the closure that a staunch member was now busy catching fish with St. Peter and other top heavenly anglers.

            At one point in the scheme of things Rudy had the second heaviest steelhead ever taken from Lake Ontario.  What made it even more rewarding and remarkable was that Padro’s own hand-made, wooden, trolling planer board was the device that tricked the chromer that everyone originally thought was a trophy Chinook because of its size and weight.

            Rudy was an expert on engines and repaired antique kickers as part of his love for boats.  He always owned a couple of craft and constantly was fixing and fussing with one outboard or another. He was an original member of the “Ask Us Sports” Bergenfield gang that leader Kel Hiltsley used to bring up to Lake Ontario for a yearly mid October angling adventure. He was one of the first men I encouraged to join the HRFA when all of us got involved in the early 90s. Current HRFA guys like Dan Reimann, Al Sternberg, Al White, and I can attest with the rest of every regular meeting attendees that Rudy was the all time legendary luckiest 50/50, door prize, and raffle winner of all time.  He once showed me a room filled with angling accoutrements stuffed from floor to ceiling and said, Every thing you see here I won at the awards dinners and general meetings”.  I fully believe the man because I was there and a witness.

I remember Rudy in so many pictures with fish, grandchildren and group shots of happy anglers.  In the best way I believe he had the jolliest photogenic mug in the club and always brightened a room when he entered it.  I’ll always know he was the best of souls because even my grouchy dog, Maggie, liked him when he slept over at our NJ home before we’d head up north to Lake Ontario.  That’s as close as you can get to fishing heaven on this side of life, but Rudy’s catching trophy steelhead anytime he wants now.  CB

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Ray Marione

HRFA member from 1983 to 2009.  A director for most of those years, we lost our good friend Ray Marione in May of 2009.

Ray loved the HRFA and he was loved back by all it's membership.

PB100085.JPG (101308 bytes)

PB100088.JPG (89699 bytes)

Ray, in the center with the gray suit is surrounded by HRFA friends while being honored at the

"JCAA Sportsman of the Year"

Awards Dinner.

November 10, 2002



By Carl Bruger

On the same day, May 22nd, that his dear friend and fellow HRFA and Bergen Salt Water angling buddy, Joe Platonni passed away, our beloved Ray Marione went to heaven at age 91. He was the beloved husband of Florence, father of Patricia Neumann, her husband Bruce, Peter Marione, his wife Dorothy, the late Raymond and the late Richard. Brother of Donald.  Ray is also survived by 12 grand children and four great grand children.

Also over 600 HRFA members and their families mourn his passing. There may be more members signed up in this club thanks to Ray than due to any other member.  He got me to join after signing me up as a guest speaker way back in 1990 so every HRFA member who joined under me was due to Ray & the many other men directly signed by him.

Ray was a submariner in the Great War and represented the greatest generation by serving in the South Pacific.  He once shared with me that the toughest time was picking up the shark attack victims of the sinking of the Indianapolis, the ship that delivered the Hiroshima bomb. Coincidentally also passing this year was Frank Mundus, the famous shark hunter, one of the 300 survivors of that disaster who carried that shark hatred into his famous charter business and subsequent Captain Quint novelization in the famous Peter Benchley work, Jaws.

Ray earned and received many honors for his dedication to so many aspects of angling.  He was always willing to travel all over the state to help get passage of the Striped Bass Gamefish Bill which became a state law in 1991. He was instrumental in the improved Hazard’s ramp construction below the GW Bridge. Both Ray (in 2002) and Joe were honored as state sportsman of the year on separate occasions awarded by the governor after nomination by the 75 member clubs in N. J. S. A. A. (New Jersey State Angler’s Association). In an obituary by Rohan Mascarenhas in the Star-Ledger he quoted respected angler / and legislative chairman, Tom Foti who said, “These men put in thousands of volunteer hours.”

 How ironic that we used to tease, “stand up Ray!” to a man who was really a “diminutive giant”, gifted in every aspect of what made an HRFA member great. Ray was my surrogate father in so many ways. He and my late father Herb Bruger, were both born on the same day August 18th 1917 only three houses apart on South Street in Jersey City, NJ.  From what we’ve pieced together the same midwife may have made two “home deliveries” in the same day!  They never met to my knowledge but Ray worked with my Uncle Ed at Lever Brothers in Edgewater for decades.

Ray loved every type of fishing and was a jack of all trades and master of each.  Al White was reminiscing about a trip they had with Bruce Halstater on the formers old boat back in 2003 when Ray diamond jigged up a battling thirteen pound blue at the age of 85. Worrying if he was exhausted by the spirited tussle Al said he turned around and Marione was already casting right back in the brine after another bluefish!

I reflect fondly on our cod trips to Maine run by president, Arnie Ulrich, when we got a pretty waitress to set Ray up with a booster seat for dinner at the famous Hayloft Restaurant and the devilish cherub loved the attention and guffawed with us all.

Tim Burden was especially saddened to have been at both wakes because he got his first striped bass at Montauk years ago when Joe Platonni and Ray drove up with him to the Long Island Mecca for a memorable and successful trip.


From Tony Evangelsita:

On one of the days I visited with Ray alone at the nursing home in Maywood he was mentally sharp as a tack, reflecting on the cherished times he experienced up in the Catskills on property he owned where there were silver maples. I inquired if he ever made maple syrup and he went into a lengthy, detailed and informative set of directions that would enable me to make up a batch for myself if I ever wanted to.  He left nothing to the imagination but the maple sugar taste and I could just imagine that on a batch of blueberry pancakes picked on his property.

How do you sum up a super life of 91 years? Beloved family member, fluke specialist, savvy in fishing politics,  award winner, renaissance wisdom,  speaker, debater, keen judge of men,  loyal and devoted dear friend, good sport, chop buster.  Who wouldn’t want this guy as a friend, fellow HRFA member and one of the “winners in the human race”.

Future years will always have his name before us in the form of a memorial Ray Marione award. I’m going to propose this at the next session of the E-board. More details on this will follow in your next issues of River Views.

Mr Ray Marione was everybody,s friend we all loved him and he was a true HRFA leader, Ray was very instrumental in our access committee one of the first to serve both the JCAA & Access. In it's early days Ray would attend the Jcaa meetings in south Jersey and report to us at our general meeting word for word of what was discused I could remember at one of the meetings where Ray was called up to give his report  and as he stepped up to the potum someone yelled out to Ray and said "Hey Ray Stand up" and Ray answerd "I'm standing on a Box" he was a good sport and always played along with the guys always teaseing him.
Ray was also very instrumental with our annual " Hooked on Hudson " program in which he loved he was the boss under our big tent he took care of the monies and made sure things were running ok.Ray Marione joined the HRFA in 1983 and joined the board of Director's in 1989 he missed very few meeting's he was a very dedicated member and was always respected by all.
I will miss Ray he was like a Father to me.
Tony Evangelista


From Jim Campbell:

Congratulations to HRFA’s Ray Marione, JCAA’s Sportsperson of the Year.  You will have to look for the fishtale in this months’ article; it will not be obvious.  On November 10, 2002 the Jersey Coast Anglers Association, JCAA, honored long time HRFA Member Ray Marione with their annual Sportsperson of the Year Award.  The Event was held at the Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, NJ.  The HRFA had 20 members join 20 members of Ray’s family for a great night.

The highlight of the event was Governor James McGreevey’s remarks about Ray.  The Governor joked with Ray particularly about his age and activism, and apparently, his availability later on in the evening.  It seemed as if Jim McGreevey really knew Ray.  Governor McGreevey also played to the JCAA crowd by teasing JCAA President Tom Fote.  The Governor said he wants to be a friend to the environmental community; I think we will have to remember and perhaps remind the Governor of his promise.

Now back to Ray.  Raphael, (Ray) Marione was nominated for this prestigious award for his many years of hard work.  In fact, one of the night’s speakers said that Ray had been a conservationist, environmentalist and fishery manager for over fifty years.  In the HRFA, Ray is well recognized as a friend of fishes, primarily because he never caught anything.  Ray usually fishes with teasers and no hooks.  Only kidding, Ray has been a master and mentor for many members in our club. 

Another speaker told about Ray’s early days in the Navy.   Ray relayed this story while fishing until 1:30AM on the beach at Seaside Park one summer night.  How is that for age, activism, and enthusiasm?  Another story had Ray, who was a seaman aboard the Submarine USS Tuna when the skipper, Captain Rickover, got his boat entangled in fishing nets.  The word quickly went out for volunteers.  Only Ray Marione was able to leave the sub through its torpedo tube.   Ray left the sub with only a mask, fins, snorkel, and a knife in his teeth.  Ray not only freed the submarine from the mess of fishing nets, but he also proceeded to swim around the harbor, freeing one trophy fish after another.  Thus Ray’s productive career as a conservationist began.

Congratulations to Ray Marione for being selected as JCAA’s Sportsperson of the Year.  I know I speak for all our members when I say that the award you received also reflected positively on the HRFA.  In our colorful history, this will be one of our finer moments.  The HRFA is very proud of you and your accomplishments.  The time you have spent with us has built a stronger more vibrant club. Ray, this is the legacy that you have left the HRFA; we will miss you but never forget you.

My own words faltered and failed, and therefore, I have borrowed words from Ray’s prayer card that is more fitting way to say good bye to a dear friend.  A Fisherman’s Prayer – God grant that I may fish until my dying day.  And when it comes to my last cast, I then most humbly pray, When in the Lord’s safe landing net I’m peacefully asleep. That in His mercy I be judged as big enough to keep.  Amen.  Tightlines in Heaven, Little Buddy!