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HRFA History:

HRFA Member/Officer
Fred Rung 

Webmaster HRFA



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Chas Stamm was the only webmaster until I joined the HRFA in 1998. 

I just bought my Osprey that year and wanted to fish the Hudson so I looked up sources for fishing on the river.  The HRFA's old site came up and I joined.  Chas and I got to emailing back and forth and he asked if I would help out with the web page.  I had a few of my students develop general layout of the current site as one of their projects in my course. 

The page was laid out in frames to allow multiple authors to contribute to the site.  The left side index frame tied together pages on the right from Chas Stamm, Gil Hawkins and myself.  The right side frame simply displayed all the different pages any one of us wrote when you clicked on a link in the index. Because of my professional relationship with Net @ccess corporation they contributed space and bandwidth.  Actually the company is owned and run by former students of my wife and I.  They made it possible for us to register domain names and basically establish a home for the HRFANJ.ORG site.  They continue to do this for us to this day free of charge.  (When I retire and no longer have a professional relationship with them I don't know what we will do ...)  I continue to develop animations, discussion pages, derby sign up pages and other specially written software for the HRFA pages that I use as demonstrations in my classes. We have developed a fairly sophisticated web site for the HRFA at basically no cost by utilizing the volunteered resources from multiple people and a few friendly business entities.

Chas and I both now share the title of webmaster.  We have currently divided almost all of the web site between us.  When you go to the HRFA site you will link to pages from Net Access or from Chas' web site in Florida or to the file server in my basement at home depending on what you would like to see.  For example when you go to www.hrfanj.org you get a framework of two pages that are stored at the Net Access Site.   

If you click on Access on the left you will get a page from Chas' site load on the right.  Click on Report Your Catch on the left and you will load a page on the right that comes from a program that runs on the server in my basement.  So as you can see the HRFA site can geographically originate anywhere from the Delaware Water Gap to Florida.  We have even expanded beyond a single web site. 

We registered www.hrfa.us when it became available and that link simply sends you to our main site.  As we have become more sophisticated at registering anglers electronically for our derby we have set up another web site at www.stripedbassderby.com to keep tabs on our 2 major fishing derbies.  We also have our own email and bulletin board system.  This all adds up to one very extensive and sophisticated web presence.  Probably one of the best of any fishing club anywhere.

Contributions are always welcome.  We don't need money but could always use people to host and write web pages.  They can be linked into the main web site very easily at any time because of the way we have set things up.  If you have an idea of a web page you would like to write please let us know and we'll work with you to get started.

See you out there.