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Guest Speakers

Each month we try to present the members with a quality speaker who will give a presentation which is worth coming to the meetings for.  The speakers we acquire for the meetings generally give a talk on some fishing or environmental topic which includes a slide or video presentation.

We try and schedule the speakers for topics that are currently present in our area.  For example a striped Bass speaker might come on in the spring and perhaps another one in the fall. 

A talk on tuna fishing might come in late August.  A talk on salmon fishing in Lake Ontario might be in September.   And so on.  You get the idea.

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HRFA Director Chas Stamm talks to the membership of fishing the NYC Harbor for big Striped Bass and Bluefish in October.

Our speakers are recruited from various magazines, tackle manufacturers, writers, authors, and club members who have a certain expertise in their own right.  If you have an idea for a guest speaker for the HRFA or would like to see a particular guest speaker, leave a message on this link.  



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Directions to our Meetings, Click Here!*


Meetings begin at 7:30 pm sharp!


General Meetings are held at the

Ridgefield Park Elk's Club #1506

located at

Spruce St. and Cedar Ave   Ridgefield Park, N. J.


April 9th General Meeting

Guest Speaker:
Bill Hartnett

Topic: "Atlantic salmon fly fishing on the Restigouche River at the Restigouche River Lodge"
March 11 2019
at 7:30 pm at
Ridgefield Park Elks

Guest Speaker
Peter Douma
February meeting:
New Date Feb 19, 2019
Tony Dubeck
Penn Fishing Tackle
December 11, 2018
Annual Fishing Auction!!
January 9, 2018
Captain Frank J. Tenore
(Capt. Frank),
Alternative Fisheries to Fluking.

December 12th:
Annual Fishing Auction
November 14th: Dick Fincher
Phase II Lures. Process of making lures
October 10th: Jeffrey Burst
(NJ Fish and Game Survey). Jeffrey.Brust@dep.nj.gov
September 12th: MiguelSardinas
Surf Casting – Fishing NJ’s fall run
August 8th: Capt. Rick Woerner,
Carnivore Sport fishing Tuna
July 11th: Capt John Kolias.
Fluke fishing in Raritan Bay
June 13th: Milt Rosko Fishing Author
Location: Palisades Interstate Park Alpine Pavilion
May 9, 2017  Tom Blecker
from Penn Reels repair and new items
The April 11th 2017 meeting of the HRFA 
Chris Choplock

March 14th: Captain Frank Tenore. Fins on Feathers, Fishing the New York Bite

Cancelled due to Snow Storm!


February 14, 2017
Carl Bruger
Taking kids fishing.
January 10, 2017
Jim Hutchinson

Speaking on (SSF) Save the summer Flounder
December 13, 2016

The Annual HRFA
Fishing Auction!

Fight for the Hudson

November 8, 2016
John Vargo
Boating on the Hudson
October 11, 2016
Guest Speaker
Butch Pawson
Terminal Tackle!!
August 9, 2016 Meeting

Carl Hartmann
 Michael Sardinas
Surf Fishing A to Z!
July 12, 2016   Meeting.

Capt. John McMurray
You can contact Capt. McMurray via email at john@nycflyfishing.com or via cell phone at 718 791-2094.


June 14, 2016

Lyndis Hyce-Dunton
from the
American Littoral Society

Capt. Bill Sheehan
New Fishing Pier on the Hackensack River!
April 12, 2016
 Newark Bait and Fly
The March 8th HRFA meeting
Jon R. Noel
 the Eastern Sales Manager for Navionics.
February 9, 2016 Meeting
Cindy Zipf
Executive Director of Clean Ocean Action
January 12, 2016
Carl Bruger
Fresh Water Options in our area!
December 8, 2015
The Annual
HRFA Fishing Auction!
November 10, 2015  Penn Reel Service
October 13, 2015   Dan Riemann    Jigging!

March 10, 2015  Captain Tony DiLernia


February 2015    Captain Pete Grimbilas,
January 13, 2015
The Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA)  Director Jim Donofrio and National Shore Access Representative Greg O'Connell
December 9, 2014  The Annual Fishing Auction!
November 11, 2014 Captain Bill Sheehan.

October 14, 2014 Jeff Dement from the American Littoral Society.

September 9, 2014   public hearing on Striped Bass

August 12th Captan Jim Freda   Meeting at the  Alpine Pavilion in the Palisades Interstate Park: 
July 8, 2014   Skip Storch,  President of Shu-Fly  Custom Rods & Reels

June 10, 2014  held on the banks of the Hudson River! Eric Nelsen

May 13, 2014  John Shein   Kayak Fishing
April 2014    Captain John Kolias     "Tips to Successful Fluke Fishing"

March 11, 2014 Bruce Franklin.  "Where Have All the Weakfish Gone"

February 11th 2014 

HRFA Annual Workshop Meeting!


1/14/2014  Patrick Vogt    Fluke


December 10, 2013 our Annual HRFA Fishing Auction!


November 12, 2013   Elizabeth Silleck

Senior Outreach Associate, U.S. Oceans, Northeast. Elizabeth will speak on the topic of the Herring Alliance and our work to conserve river herring, shad, menhaden, and other forage fish.

October 8th 2013  Tom Blecker    Penn Reel Manufacturing (www.pennreels.com).

September 10, 2013   Chris Lido  Editor of the Fisherman Magazine new Baits' rigs and tackle for freshwater or saltwater.


August 13, 2013 Joe "fish" Anelli

July 9, 2013  “What Makes Scents”.
June 11, 2013  Pete Bruger  offshore angling

May 14th, 2013.   Captain John Kolias of Reel Fun Sportfishing.  "Bucktailing for Doormats",

APRIL 2013 GUEST SPEAKER   Mark Modowski.  muskellunge,


March 2013 Capt Bill Sheehan the Hackensack Riverkeeper


February 12, 2013
the workshop.


JANUARY 8, 2013 MEETING   Capt. Paul Eidman


November 2012  Jon Shein Kayack Fishing!


The guest speaker for the September 11th meeting of the HRFA was

Carl Bruger

Salmon Fishing


August 14th meeting

Captain Gene Nigro

of the charter boat

Phantom fishing charters


May 8, 2012   Carl Johansson

The May 8th guest speaker of the HRFA will be Carl Johansson. Carl has been fishing the Morris county and Northern New Jersey areas for decades.


March 13, 2012

Capt. Jim Freda

Running a Small Boat for Inshore Pelagics


February 14, 2012 Featured our

Annual Workshop Meeting


January 10, 2012


Laurie Seeman

The Problems of Desalination in the Hudson River Estuary



December 13, 2011

The Annual HRFA Fishing Auction!


November 8, 2011

We Featured

For the November 8th, 2011 general meeting of the HRFA , we featured

HRFA President John Golon

speaking  on

"Why Fly Fish!"

October 11, 2011

We featured

Bruce Freeman

Science and Research Advisor

will be our guest speaker. Bruce will review and discuss his recently published white paper on Atlantic Coast Striped Bass Migration. The fishes range, population, and seasonal migration habits will be reviewed. This is a great opportunity to bring a friend, and soak up some Striped Bass knowledge based on a life time of research and loads of supporting data.

Don’t flounder around and pass this up.




Capt. Paul Eidman


Captain Paul will present the status of Atlantic Menhaden stocks. As we learned back in 2008 from H. Bruce Franklin the author of "The Most Important Fish in the Sea". Bunker then as now are being overfished. The over harvest of the Atlantic's prize fishery has implications for anglers from Maine to Florida. Come learn more about the plight of this critical species and what is needed to stop the commercial over fishing.

There is an organization called “Menhaden Defenders” with a single goal in mind - to restore Atlantic Menhaden to sustainable levels. The group is comprised of conservation minded anglers along the East Coast. Find out more on please visit on the web at: www.menhadendefenders.org

Capt. Paul Eidman grew up fishing with his father and grandfather on Long Island and brought his love of fishing to New Jersey in the ‘70’s. He is an experienced saltwater fly & light tackle fishing guide for Striped bass, Bluefish, Weakfish, False albacore, Bonito and more. The diminishing state of recreational fishing has raised his concern and turned him into an ocean advocate. Capt. Paul is hopeful that restoring forage fish will secure the future of recreational angling for generations to come. Check out his web page: www.reeltherapy.com.

He will be bringing copies of H. Bruce Franklin’s book, "The Most Important Fish in the Sea" to sell at the meeting, proceeds of which will help the cause.

Please join us on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 at 7:30 PM for the meeting of the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association at the Ridgefield Park Elk’s Lodge #1506 located at Spruce Street and Cedar Avenue in Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660.


AUGUST 9, 2011

GUEST SPEAKER          Dr. Judith Weis

Dr. Weis will discuss these interesting facts from her recent book, Do Fish Sleep? Fascinating Answers to Questions about Fishes. The book covers a wide range of topics, from fish biology basics to the importance of preserving and restoring fish diversity and healthy populations. The book is organized in an easy-to-read and accessible question-and-answer format, filled with more than 55 photographs and over 100 interesting facts from fish biology basics to the importance of preserving and restoring fish diversity and healthy populations. A captivating read for fish enthusiasts of all ages--naturalists, environmentalists, aquarists, scuba divers, and students--this is also the perfect primer for those just about to get their feet wet. Dive in! Copies of Weis’ book will be available for purchase and Weis will be signing copies after the presentation.

Dr-J-Weis-8-2011.jpg (14858 bytes)

July 12, 2011


Mark Modoski  Mark is currently the South Jersey Field Editor for The Fisherman magazine and his writing/experience has been used in online and print publications including The Knee Deep Club Monthly Newsletter, Roundvalleyfishing.com, LH Weekly and the Reading Eagle. Mark is currently a member of Lake Hopatcong’s Knee Deep Club and the Recreational Fish Alliance.

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June 14, 2011

We Featured

Caption Pete Grimblas of Reef Rescue

subject  “Pots off the Reefs”


MAY 10, 2011


Capt John Kolias

“Doormat Fluke: Big Baits, Big Water and Bucktails”

April 12, 2011

Featured our Annual

Workshop Meeting!

John Ponticorvo and his students from Hudson County Schools of Technology will exhibit a brief presentation of their projects on the Ocean. This will include information on their fish tagging trips, science experiments, and ocean related research topics.

March 8, 2011 We Featured HRFA Member  Carl Bruger  "Niagara River Steelhead Fishing."


February 8, 2011  we featured  Fred Dacimo,  Vice President of Operations for License Renewal at Entergy Nuclear, Inc.,


December 2010 Meeting featured ...

Our Annual HRFA Fishing Auction!


Our November 9, 2010 Meeting


Captain Allen Gonzalez

Reel Class Fishing Charters






October 12, 2010

Featured as our Guest Speaker

DJ Muller

Surf Casting!

NJ's Surf Season!

For more info on DJ visit his website at: www.djmullersurfcaster.com


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September 14, 2010

Guest Speaker

Joe Annelli

The Fillet Man!!



August 10, 2010

We Featured

Lisa Baron

Project Manager from US Army Corps of Engineers

Comprehensive Restoration Plan for the Hudson-Raritan Estuary




July 13, 2010

Capt. Jim Freda


from Shore Catch Guide Service


Jim’s topic is "Jersey's Inshore Pelagic Bonanza, Tuna, Mahi, Skippies, and More".

Jim%20Freda.jpg (17222 bytes)

June 8, 2010   We Featured  Jon Shein

Kayak Fishing!

Jon_Shein_Kayak.jpg (15469 bytes)

May 11, 2010   We featured

Thomas Blecker - Penn Reel Manufacuring


April 2010 featured

Bill Donovan

President - NJ Angler Magazine



March 9, 2010   HRFA Annual Workshop Meeting!


February 9, 2010 Featured Capt Pete Myers from "Run Off Charters"

Run-Off_sport_fishing_0001.jpg (29293 bytes)

January 12, 2010 Featured Keith Vanacore 

Restigouche River Lodge (www.restigouchelodge.com) New Brunswick, Canada


December 8, 2009  The Annual HRFA Fishing Auction!


November 10 we featured Mr. Walter Mugdan,

Director, Emergency & Remedial Response

Division for US Department of Environmental Protection Region 2


October 13 we featured Capt. Allen Gonzalez

Reel Class Fishing Charters   Jigging for Fall Striped Bass and Bluefish

Allen_Gonzalez.jpg (6251 bytes)

Sept 2009 we featured Mr. David Kinney - Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby

David_Kinny.jpg (19189 bytes)

August 2009 We featured Jim Hutchinson, Jr. Recreational Fishing Alliance

Jim_Hutchinson_Head.JPG (11889 bytes)

July 2009 we featured Mr. Jeff Dement of the American Littoral Society

Jeff_Dement.JPG (19956 bytes)

June 2009   Thomas W. McCloy Director of N.J.Fish & Wildlife and Marine Fisheries Administrator.
May 2009     Captain Chris Cullen of Island Current Fleet

chris_cullen.jpg (9565 bytes)

April 2009 Featured Capt Ralph Roth Weigh Point Sport Fishing  Derby and Tournament Tactics


March 10, 2009 Featured

Our Annual "HRFA Workshop Meeting"

February 10th, 2009    Cindy Zipf  Clean Ocean Action 

January 13, 2009 Featured Pete Grimblas from Reef Rescue and Bill Figley from the NJ Artificial Reef Program

December 9, 2008 Featured our Annual Fishing Auction!

auction2_low.jpg (19125 bytes)

November 11, 2008  We featured   Peter Himchak  Acting Chief NJ DEP Bureau of Marine Fisheries

Peter_Himchak-Arnie_11-08_web.jpg (16627 bytes)

October 14, 2008 Featured Capt. Jim Freda from Shore Catch Guide Service http://shorecatch.com "Scenes from Autumn, A Video of Saltwater Fly Fishing the Central New Jersey Coast"

September 9, 2008 we featured  Captain Jay Angrick of Good Time Guide Service fishing the Hackensack River, North Jersey reservoirs, and lakes.
August 12, 2008 We featured  H. Bruce Franklin  the author of "The Most Important Fish in the Sea"

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July 8, 2008 We featured  HRFA Vice President  Carl Hartmann speaking on Surf Fishing the Jersey Shore!

Carl_hatmannbluebeachweb.jpg (23072 bytes)

June 10, 2008 We Featured Capt. John Kolias Reel Fun Sport Fishing"Fluke Fishing Raritan Bay!"

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May 13, 2008 we featured Capt. Darren Dorris Saltwater Editor for The New Jersey Angler."Shark Fishing!"

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April 8, 2008 We Featured Capt. Ralph Roth Weigh Point Sport Fishing Charters "Derby and Tournament Tactics"

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March 11, 2008 We Featured Rich Johnson of the Fishing line Radio & TV Show. Live Snappers for Fluke!

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February 12, 2008  -   Postponed Due to Weather!
January 8, 2008   Featured Kris Ohleth  from Bluewater Wind

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December 11, 2007   the   Annual HRFA Fishing Auction!!

auction2_low.jpg (19125 bytes)

November 13th, 2007 We Featured as our Guest Speaker Capt. Jim Freda Shore Catch Guide Service

October 9, 2007  Featured as our Guest Speaker Captain John McMurry  One More Cast Charters

John McMurry & Chas web.JPG (28795 bytes)

September 11, 2007   Featured HRFA President Carl Bruger   SALMON FISHING LAKE ONTARIO Plus

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August 14, 2007 Featured Capt. Bill Sheehan the Hackensack Riverkeeper the latest conservation efforts in the Hackensack River watershed. You - Can Make a Difference.


July 10, 2007 Featured Our Annual HRFA Workshop Meeting HRFA members giving out tips and tactics for their special areas of expertise in fishing the Hudson River and the surrounding waters. 


June12, 2007  Fred Rung the Chairman of the Liberty Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby, which took place on May 12th, will be presented the prizes to the over all winners along with the port prizes.

In addition we will had HRFA V.P. Arnie Ulrich Who gave us the best tackle, bait and technique to catch Summer Flounder.


May 8th, 2007 Guest Speaker is the Jersey Coast Anglers Association Youth Education Chairperson Mr. Greg Kucharewski  the new "JCAA Junior Angler Program". 


April 10th, 2007 Guest Speaker Caption Rich Tenreiro host of the TV show Northeast Angling.    www.neangling.com
Pro_RichTenreiro.jpg (5589 bytes)
March 13, 2007 our guest speaker was Captain Tony DiLernia of Rocket Charters!

captain_framed.gif (57163 bytes)


February 13, 2007 we featured Captain Chris Cullen of Island Current Party Boats

January 9, 2007  Our guest speaker was Captain Howard Bogan of the JAMAICA out off Brielle,
December 12, 2006 we featured our Annual Fishing Auction!

November 14, 2006   Featured  John Luchka   "Trolling Wire and Braid to Land Trophy Stripers".


October 10, 2006  We Featured Allen Riley  "False Albacore: True Excitement"


September, 12, 2006 Featured Capt. Steve Byrne - "Fishing Rarity Bay!"

August 8, 2006 Featured Jim Freda"Small Boat Tuna"

July 11, 2006 We featured our Annual Workshop Meeting
June 13, 2006 We featured Manny Luftglass  ...  Hybrid Stripers!

May 9, 2006 We featured the Coast Guard Auxiliary...Boating Safety

April 11, 2006 We featured Capt. Ralph Roth Fishing NY Harbor

March 14, 2006 Featured NJ DEP Deputy Commissioner  John Watson

February 2006 we features Jon Shein  Kayak  Fishing!
January 10, 2006 We featured HRFA Officer Arnie Ulrich  Party Boat Fishing!
December 13, 2005 The Annual HRFA Fishing Auction!
November 8, 2005  Jim Hutchinson Jr.  Managing Editor of the NJ Fisherman Magazine
October 11,02005 Warren Turner  NSBA  National Striped Bass Association
September 13, 2005 Featured HRFA Director Capt. Chas Stamm, Manhattan Striped Bass & Blues
August 9, 2005 Featured Capt. Jim Freda. Saltwater Fishing Tactics!
July 12, 2005    Featured our Annual Workshop Meeting

June 14, 2005 Featured Paul Smith Long Distance Casting Champion

May 10, 2005  Capt. Phil Kozak speaking on catching big striped bass in the Kingston, Saugerties area.

April 12, 2005    John Vargo  Boating on the Hudson  Hudson River Striped Bass Derby!

March 8, 2005 Cancelled Bad Weather!  SNOW!
February 8, 2005   Tony Delernia   Rocket Charters

January 11, 2005  Featured writer and Author Milt Rosko

2004 Speakers
December 14, 2004 Our Annual Fishing Auction!
November 9, 2004 Chris Swain  Swimmer of the Hudson River...315 miles from Lake Tear of the Clouds to the Vz. Bridge
October 12, 2004 Jim Donofrio  Director -  RFA   Recreational Fishing Alliance 
September 14, 2004  Captain Terry Sullivan,   Light tackle and fly fishing in Jersey Waters
August 10, 2004  HRFA Vice President Carl Bruger  fishing Lake Ontario.
July13, 2004  Hudson River  FISHING WORKSHOP. 
June 8, 2004 featured Tom Siciliano, President of the J.C.A.A. 

May 11, 2004 Pete Barrett of the Fisherman Magazine and Founder of the HRFA NJ. 

April 13, 2004   John Vargo  Boating on the Hudson Magazine  

March 9, 2004 Captain Caesar Argenti and Captain Don Grippo
February 10, 2004 John Ponticorvo and the Explore 2000
January 13, 2004  HRFA member Ralph Roth.


Gallery of Photos of past speakers Click Here!




December 9, 2003 Annual Fishing Auction!

November 11, 2003 Mr. Martin McHugh Director of the New Jersey Division of Fish Game and Wildlife

October 14  John McMurray   Saltwater Fly fishing & Light Tackle in Jamaica Bay

September 9, 2003 Bill Donovan,   "NJ Angler" magazine.surf fishing the New Jersey Shore.

August 12, 2003 had the Hudson Riverkeeper, Alex Matthiessen

July 8, 2003 featured a Fishing Workshop of HRFA members

June 10, 2003 featured IGFA multiple ( 44 ) World Record Holder and Author Steve Sloan "Ocean Bankruptcy!

May 13 featured Rich Johnson of the  "The Fishing Line"  Radio & TV Show Talking on Weakfish Tactics

April 8, 2003 had John Vargo of "Boating on the Hudson"

March 11 Dr. Eleanor Bochenek Marine Biologist from Rutgers university baits in our estuary.

February 11, 2003  Lodge owner and charter captain Tom Ohaus Fishing in Alaska for King salmon and Halibut!

January 14, 2003, photos of the Hudson.



December 2002...Annual Fishing Auction

November 2002...Ralph Roth Wreck Fishing

October 2002...Chas Stamm  NYC Harbor Fishing

September 2002... Kevin Morgan  Tuna Fishing

August 2002... Don Kaminski  Weakfishing

July 2002... Steve Heinzer CPR & First Aid

June 2002...  Fishing Workshop

May 2002... Capt. Rich Tenreiro  Fluke Tactics

April 2002...Capt. Matt Muszlay  Penn Fishing Tackle

March 2002...Milt Rosco  Party Boat Fishing

February 2002 ...Capt. Tom Mikoleski  Fluke Fishing

January 2002...Capt. Pete Mikoleski  Striper Fishing

Past Speakers 2001

December...  The Annual Fishing Auction

November ... Al Ristori Fishing New Jersey waters

October...JB Kasper Surf Fishing in NJ

September Pete Barrett...Weakfishing

August... Steve Sloan IGFA

July...Arnie Ulrich...Party Boat Fishing!

June...Gary Caputi...Fishing for stripers and blues!

May...Jeff Merrill...Fishing for Striped Bass

April...Bret Schundler ... Mayor of Jersey City

March...Capt. Bill Kozielec...Snowed out...Had to Cancel

February...Alex Matthiesen...the new Hudson RiverKeeper

January...Milt Roscoe...Surf Fishing

Gallery of past speakers Click Here!


Past Speakers 2000

January....Don Bingler  Bingler Lure Manufacturers

February....Captain Henry Feeney   Elsie "K" Princess

March....Bill Figley  NJ Artificial Reef Program

April....Frank Lillo  The Art of Cooking and Filleting Fish...This guy was GREAT!

May....John Vargo Hudson River Stripers

June ...Captain Matt Muzlay Fishing for Striped Bass & Blues

July...HRFA Director Tom Paciorkowski   Fishing Sandy Hook

August...HRFA Member Fred Edwing  Shoreline fishing

September...Don Kaminski and The Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

October...Frank Dara of the NJ Federation of Sportsmen.

November Frank Lillo...Knives

December...The Annual HRFA Fishing Auction!

Past Speakers 1999

December The AUCTION!


October 5, 1999 Rich Jogodnick Salmon Fishing Pulaski

September 7, 1999 Rich Giessuebel Fluke Fishing!

August 3, 1999 HRFA Director Carl Bruger Salmon Fishing!

July 6, 1999 Jim Donofrio Recreational Fishing Alliance

June 1, 1999 Captain Pete Mikoleski Fluke Fishing

May 4, 1999 Captain Matt Muzlay Bottom Fishing

April 6, 1999 Captain John Raguso Shark Fishing

March 3, 1999 Dr. Eleanor A. Bochenek Estuaries

February 2, 1999 Captain Joe McBride! Fishing Montauk

January 5, 1999 Don Kamienski Striped Bass!

Mt. Sinai Testing HRFA members for Toxins at January Meeting

Past Speakers 1998

December '98 The Annual HRFA Fishing Auction!

November 3, 1998 Jim Freda Fly fishing from the Surf!

October 6, 1998 Arnie Ulrich Party Boat Magic!

September 1, 1998 John Vargo Fishing the Upper Hudson

August 4, 1998 Captain Joe Kaminski Joey K Charters Salmon Fishing

July 7, 1998 Captain Al Ristori Big Blues and Giant Fluke

June 2, 1998 Captain David Riback Inshore fishing

May 5, 1998 Dave Zurheidi Fishing the Hackensack River

April 7, 1998 Captain Matt Muszlay Inshore fishing

March 3, 1998 Leonard Fantasia The Bunker Issue!

February 3, Rich Giessuebel Hybrids of Lake Hopatcong!

January 6, Andy Wilner... The BAYKEEPER!

1997 Past Speakers!

December 2, Our Annual FISHING AUCTION!
November 4, General Electric Hudson River Cleanup Site Engineer
October 7, 1997 Jeff Merrill "The Other Tunas"
September 2, 1997 John Raguso "Wreck Fishing"
August 5, 1997 Fred Edwing Surf Fishing
July 1, 1997 Don Kamienski "Fisherman Magazine"
June 3, 1997 Charter Captain Kevin McMahon "After Hours II"

Want to get in touch with Kevin? 908-583-1014

May 6, 1997 Cindy Zipf "Clean Ocean Action"
April 1, 1997 Jim Donofrio... Recreational Fishing Alliance
March 4, 1997 Party Boat Captain Henry Feeney "Elsie K Princess"
February 4, 1997 Capt. Al Ristori and Bill Neyenhouse NJ DEP
January 7, 1997 Don Bingler Lure Manufacturer

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