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Fishing the Walkway at Liberty State Park.

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This shot of the Trade Centers looked so good I hate to remove it.


HRFA Member Joe Cleays is hooked into a big one at the Harbor Heritage Festival in September.


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HRFA Member Capt. Chas Stamm



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Slate of Officers for 2019

HRFA Annual Awards Dinner

Pete Barrett Award Past Presidents


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JCAA Sportsperson of the Year 2018  Arnie Ulrich

JCAA Sportsperson of the Year 2012  Tim Burden

J.C.A.A. Sportsperson of the Year 2002  Ray Marione 

HRFA Receives Award from Rockland BOECS

12/2013 Presidents Award - Carl Hartmann


Fallen Members Contact us


2017 Officers of the HRFA

2016 Officers of the HRFA

2015 Officers of the HRFA

2014 Officers of the HRFA

2013 Officers of the HRFA

2012 Officers of the HRFA

2011 Officers of the HRFA

2010 Officers of the HRFA

2009 Officers of the HRFA

2008 Officers of the HRFA

2007 Officers of the HRFA





JCAA Sportsperson of the Year 2018  Arnie Ulrich

This year’s sportsperson-of-the-year is

Arnie Ulrich

Hudson River Fisherman’s Association.  


“There is no other more deserving person than Arnie Ulrich for the JCAA Sportsperson-of-the-year award. This HRFA member has been a super-active participant from the year he joined in 1979. Arnie has held every office except treasurer including the maximum three years as our leader and president.

Probably most importantly, he has served as our membership secretary for many years and has literally enrolled thousands of members over the years not to mention keeping accurate tabs on those late with dues and getting timely renewal notices out every year.

Arnie also is a major organizer of fishing trips for both association members and their friends. He is responsible for annual trips to fish for cod, pollack, and haddock in Maine and has yearly local trips which usually run out of Belmar for fluke, blackfish and flounder in their appropriate seasons.

The man is an expert angler for all of these species with stripers and bluefish also in his bag of tricks.  Arnie has frequently been a guest speaker for our group and others where he gives great advice to new anglers seeking to up their scores. 






JCAA Sportsperson of the Year 2012

Tim Burden

JCAA President Joe Puntasecca (left) presents Tim Burden their Sportsperson of the Year Award for 2012

Tim received the award through the NJ Beach Buggy Association
which he is now affiliated since moving to Toms River. 

Tim is the first HRFA
member to do so since Ray Marione in 2002. 













Sadly we lost member

Pete Bruger.  2014


RIP Peter







WaynenLeslieShanChinaweb.jpg (29132 bytes)

HRFA Members

Wayne Geider and Leslie Shan go fishing in

Beijing, China  8/30/2005

Leslie now lives in Bejing and Wayne stopped in to visit him.

It takes four stamps to mail Leslie his HRFA monthly newsletter.



The nominating committee is pleased to present the following members for the positions noted below, for election at the November 2018 meeting to serve the HRFA for 2019.

The proposed nominees are presented at the Board of Directors meeting, and must be made public prior to elections, according to our By-Laws:

Hudson River Fishermen’s Association

2019 Slate


President:                             Dan Harrison

Vice-President:                     Aram Setian            

Treasurer:                            Frank Wisniewski

Secretary:                            Joseph Albanese

Membership Secretary:        Arnold Ulrich           JCAA and NJOA representative

Directors:                             Wayne Geider         Chairman Youth Anglers

                                                Gil Hawkins              Environment and Access

                                                Peter Musse             Hooked on Hudson (HOH)

                                                Miguel Sardinas      Publicity

                                                Scot Havner             Fishing Contests/Programs

                                                Dave Mercer            Outdoors Shows/Events Support

                                                Janis Soto                 Outdoors Shows/Events Support

                                                Carl Bruger               Scholarships (Transitioning)

                                                John Ponticorvo     Educational Outreach

                                                Tony Evangelista     Director Emeritus

Trustees:                               Antony Carbone (2020)

                                                Fred Rung (2019)

                                                Ivan Garcia (2021)

Nominating Committee:        John Golon

Nom                                                           Gil Hawkins

                                                                    Aram Setian


slate of officers for the HRFA  2018


 Dan Harrison         President

Aram Setian            lst Vice President

Carl Hartmann        2nd Vice President

Skip Wisniewski      Treasurer

Mary Knight             Secretary

Arnold Ulrich            Membership Secretary


Carl Bruger               Director                

Tony Evangelista      Director

Pete Musse               Director

Gil Hawkins               Director

Ivan Garcia                Director

Miguel Sardinas         Director

Scott Havner                 Director

Joseph Albanese        Director

Anthony Carbone        Director

Noel Cote                    Director


Trustee2: (3 year terms)

John Ponticorvo (2018)

Fred Rung  (2019)

Wayne Geider (2020)


The Committee was selected by the Association President and its members are:

Aram Setian Chairman

Pete Musse

Tony Evangelista


Aram Setian

Chairman 2017 HRFA Nominating Committee






Slate of Officers for 2017

Hudson River Fishermen's Association
HRFA President Dan Harrison
President  Dan Harrison
1st  VP      Gil Hawkins
2nd VP Carl Hartmann
Treasurer Skip Wisniewski
Secretary Mary Knight
Membership Secretary Arnold Ulrich
Tony Evangelista Wayne Geider
Aram Setian Pete Musse
Ivan Garcia Rocco Morretto
Robert Fanslau  
Trustees: Scott Havner (2018)
  Anthony Carbone (2019)
  John Golon (2020)




Slate of Officers for 2016

Hudson River Fishermen's Association


HRFA President Gil Hawkins


President Gil Hawkins
Vice President Fred Rung
Treasurer Skip Wisniewski
Membership Secretary Arnie Ulrich
Recording Secretary  
Trustee  (3 yr term) Scott Havner  2018
Trustee  (3 yr term) Rocco Moretto 2016
Trustee  (3 yr term) Dan Harrison 2017
Carl Bruger  Anthony Carbone
Tony Evangelista Wayne Geider
John Golon Carl Hartmann
Pete Musse Aram Setian
Pete Orenzo  




Slate of Officers for 2015

Hudson River Fishermen's Association


HRFA President 2015 Gil Hawkins


President Gil Hawkins
Vice President Fred Rung
Treasurer Skip Wisniewski
Membership Secretary Arnie Ulrich
Recording Secretary Bill Hrycak
Trustee Pete Orenzo 2015
Trustee Rocco Moretto 2016
Trustee Dan Harrison 2017
Carl Bruger  Anthony Carbone
Tony Evangelista Wayne Geider
John Golon Carl Hartmann
Chris Ilg Aram Setian







Slate of Officers for 2014

Hudson River Fishermen's Association


HRFA President 2014 Gil Hawkins


President Gil Hawkins
Vice President Fred Rung
2nd Vice President Ray Zampino
Treasurer Skip Wisniewski
Asst. Treasurer Tony Carbone
Membership Secretary Arnie Ulrich
Corresponding and Recording Secretary Sergio Radossi
Trustee Aram Setian 2014
Trustee Pete Orenzo 2015
Trustee Rocco Moretto 2016


Tony DiModogno

Tony Evangelista

Wayne Geider

Bruce Halstater

Carl Hartmann

Chris Ilg

Eric Mack

Kevin Morgan

Al White

Joe Spaccavento


Committee members:

Gil Hawkins Chairman

Sergio Radossi

Aram Setian

Fred Rung

Arnie Ulrich









2013 Officers

John_Golonhead.JPG (10221 bytes)

HRFA President John Golon

2013 HRFA Executive Board


President John Golon
V. President Gil Hawkins
2nd. V. President; Fred Rung
Membership Sec. Arnie Ulrich
Recording Sec./Corresponding Sec. Sergio Radossi
Treasurer Skip Wisniewski
Assist. Treasurer Joe Spaccavento
Trustee Ray Zampino 2013
Trustee Aram Setian  2014
Trustee Pete Orenzo  2015
Director Wayne Geider
Director Tony  DiModugno
Director Kevin Morgan
Director Al White
Director Carl Hartmann
Director Anthony Carbone
Director Tony Evangelista
Director Bruce Halstater
Director Al Miller
Director Eric Mack




2012 Officers




John Golon                President
Boris Maltsev             1st Vice President
Frank Grecco     2nd Vice President
Frank Wisniewski  Treasurer
Joe Spaccavento  Assistant Treasurer
Sergio Radossi         Recording Secretary
Sergio Radossi        Corresponding Secretary
Arnold Ulrich          Membership Secretary
Tony Evangelista     Director
Gil Hawkins              Director
Jim Campbell          Director
Carl M. Hartmann    Director
Rocco Moretto       Director
Wayne Geider        Director
Al Miller                  Director
Davis Tunis            Director
Marvin Strover       Director *New
Al White Director

Trusttee2:: (3 year terms)
Fred Rung (2012)
Ray Zampino (2013)
Aram Setian (2014)

The Committee was selected by the Association
president and its members are:

Tony Evangelista - Chairman
Jim Campbell, Wayne Geider, Boris Maltsev and
Frank Grecco.

Tony Evangelista
Chairman 2011 HRFA Nominating Committee











2011 Officers

The 2011 HRFA Officers

John Golon President

Boris Maltsev 1st Vice President

Tony Evangelista 2nd Vice President

Frank Wisniewski Treasurer

Joe Spaccavento Assistant Treasurer

Sergio Radossi Recording Secretary

Sergio Radossi Corresponding Secretary

Arnold Ulrich Membership Secretary

Jim Campbell Director

Marvin Oresky Director

Al White Director

Carl M. Hartmann Director

Gil Hawkins Director

Al Miller Director

Aram Setian Director

Frank Grecco Director

Rocco Moretto Director

Davis Tunis Director

Trustees: 3 year term

Ray Zampino        Trustee beginning Term 1/2011

Fred Rung            Trustee beginning Term   1/2010

Wayne Geider       Trustee beginning Term  1/2009



The Committee was selected by the Association

president and its members are:

John Golon, Wayne Geider, Sergio Radossi, Boris Maltsev and Bruce T. Halstater.


Chairman 2011 HRFA Nominating Committee




2010 nomination slate


2010 HRFA Officers

The nominating committee was comprised of Tony G. Evangelista, Jim Campbell, Bruce Halstater.

Arnold Ulrich                                                 President

John Golon                                                  1st Vice President

Robert Kaczorowski                                     2nd Vice President

Frank Wisniewski                                          Treasurer

Bruce Halstater                                             Assistant Treasurer

Carl Bruger                                                   Recording Secretary

Gil   Hawkins                                                Corresponding Secretary

Arnold Ulrich                                                 Membership Secretary



Tony Evangelista                                           Director

Jim Campbell                                                Director

Marvin Oresky                                               Director

Al White                                                      Director

Walter Englehart                                           Director

Len Basile                                                    Director

Carl Hartmann                                               Director

Bob Taylor                                                    Director      New  1/ 1/ 10

Boris Maltsev                                                Director      New  1/ 1/  10

Joe Spaecavento                                           Director     New    1/ 1/ 10



Note ( 3 year terms)


Fred Rung                                                     Trustee Beginning Term   1/ 1/ 10

Wayne Geider                                              Trustee Beginning Term    1/ 1/ 09

Sergio Radossi                                              Trustee Beginning Term     1/ 1/08



To Contact one of our officers...Click Here!




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Past Presidents of the HRFA NJ

Pete Barrett

Pete_Barrett_Head.jpg (44855 bytes)



Larry Danziger

Danziger_Head.jpg (3332 bytes)



Paul Gamba

Paul_Gamba_Head.jpg (4644 bytes)



Jack Lipton

jack_lipton_head.jpg (43607 bytes)



Larry Van Dyke



Jack Denny



Sergio Radossi

sergeradossihead2006.jpg (18565 bytes)



Rick Englesbe





Don Anderson



Fred Edwing

 fred_head.jpg (42470 bytes)



Bob Mallory

mallory_head.jpg (3070 bytes)



Tony Evangelista

Tony.jpg (3888 bytes)



Charles Stamm

chashead2.jpg (7486 bytes)



George Graf 

 georgeGweb.jpg (3064 bytes)


Passed Away 10/26/2004


Jim Campbell

Jimhead.jpg (2698 bytes)


Carl Bruger

bruger_HOH2006.JPG (54032 bytes)



Arnie Ulrich

web-arniehead2.JPG (25379 bytes)



John Golon

John_Golonhead.JPG (10221 bytes)



Gil Hawkins




Dan Harrison










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The HRFA Pete Barrett Award

The Pete Barrett Award is the highest award given to an HRFA member.  It is given out once a year to the member who has shown dedication, participation, and loyalty towards the HRFA. The award was started in 1972 and has become an annual tradition given out at the annual awards dinner.


2018 Pete Barrett Award Winner

Peter Musse with Skip Wisniewski


Previous Winners of the Pete Barrett Award
1984 Serge Radossi 1985 Ed Domkofski 1986  Rick Englesbe
1987 George Graf 1988 Arnie Ulrich 1989 Don Anderson
1990 Tony Evangelista 1991 Danny Bontemps 1992 Kevin Morgan
1993 Pete Orenzo 1994 Ray Marione 1995 Charles Stamm
1996 Carl Bruger 1997 Walter Maier 1998 Tom Paciorkowski
1999 Jack Lipton 2000 Dan Harrison 2001  Jim Campbell
2002 Glenn R. Blank 2003 Bob Mallory 2004 Tim Burden
2005  Carl Hartmann 2006 Wayne Geider 2007 Al White
2008 Darren Cardinal 2009 Gil Hawkins 2010 Tony DiModugno
2011 Bruce Halstater 2012 Mike Cargill 2013 Fred Rung
2014 Bob Boyle 2015 Aram Setian 2016 Butch and Pat Pawson
2017 Skip Wisniewski 2018 Peter Musse  



2016 Pete Barrett Award Winner















Butch and Pat Pawson





2015 Pete Barrett Award Winner

Aram Setian


2014 Pete Barrett Award Winner

Bob Boyle

In Photo ... Sergio Radossi  Gil Hawkins




2013 Pete Barrett Award Winner

Fred Rung    

In Photo - Mike Cargill    Carl Bruger    


Presidents_2004web.jpg (14248 bytes)

6 years of Pete Barrett Award winners along with the man himself, Pete Barrett.

From Left to right:

Jim Campbell, Carl Bruger, Tony Evangelista, Serge Radossi,   Pete Barrett, Chas Stamm, George Graf, 

These are some of the people that have made the HRFA what it is today.




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Boat US offers HRFA Discounts
The HRFA is a charter member of BOAT US and as such, members pay only $12 per yearly membership as opposed to the normal $24. BOAT US offers substantial discounts on boat insurance along with free on water towing service and a full line of marine products. Members should ask for the special BOAT US membership forms at the General Meetings.

Clicking on these BOAT US links will give you a Renewal application or a new membership application with the HRFA cooperating accord discount in place.   This offer is good for HRFA Members  only!

When signing up use the HRFA ACCORD number  GA82825B

















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HRFA Membership Application

The H.R.F.A., N.J. Chapter is currently seeking new members. If you are interested in joining, or wish to make a contribution, or want to report a polluter, please contact the address below:

The Hudson River Fishermen's Association

P.O. Box 421

Cresskill, N. J. 07626


Membership requests and info packs are sent through the US Postal Service

email2move.gif (14893 bytes)To request a membership application and information pack...Click Here *

Membership dues are renewed annually (at the beginning of each year). For those people who join(ed) the HRFA in October (or later) of a given year, their new or renewal membership also is covered for the following new year.


To sign up On-Line using any major credit card...Click Here!

Don't forget to give us a mailing address to send you and information pack on the HRFA as well as the membership application.

Our Promise to you!
You will NOT be put on any mailing list!
Our membership roster is strictly confidential and is not given out to anyone. The only mailing list you will be put on is to get our newsletter! No Junk Mail. We do not sell or give our members' names to anyone!   No one!       Chas <'////><

Membership dues are as follows:

Individual $25.00   
Includes all members of immediate family

Lifetime          $300.00
Corporate       $500.00

Highlight this Application and Paste it on your Word Processor, Print it, and send it in!

Hudson River Fishermen's Association

Membership Application


E-Mail Address:

Today's Date


Date of Birth:  
Home Phone:   Work Phone:  
Fishing Interests:  
Circle One

Boat Owner    Yes    No

Retired     Yes  No
Preferred Fishing  Circle as many as you like
Shoreline Private Boat Party Boat Fly Rod Conventional Spinning
Surf Fresh Water River Lake
Annual Membership Dues:  $25.00    Includes all members of immediate family

Mail to:     HRFA NJ    P.O.  Box 421   Cresskill, N. J.  07626



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Free Pass
Highlight the following pass...Copy it...Print it...and show it at the door at any of our meetings. It's as easy as that!
Complete Directions to the General Meetings is at the Bottom of the Pass

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Free Pass to any HRFA NJ General Meeting

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The bearer of this certificate is entitled to enter a meeting of the Hudson River Fishermen's Association Free of Charge.
This certificate has been downloaded off the HRFA NJ web page and must be handed in at the meeting for admission.

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Admit one...Compliments of Chas Stamm

  You must Show This Pass At The Door

HRFA General Meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month at the Ridgefield Park Elk's Lodge. Ridgefield Park, N. J. Meetings start at 8:00 pm with general business and the guest speakers usually come on around 9:00 pm.
Hudson River Fishermen's Association, New Jersey Chapter

Directions to the HRFA General Meeting Click Here!*

HRFANJ.ORG...Site Index


Past Officers...


2009 Officers

The Officers are:

Arnold Ulrich President

Cart Hartmann 1st Vice President

Robert Kaczorowski 2nd Vice President

Frank Wisniewski Treasurer

Bruce Halstater Assistant Treasurer

Gilbert Hawkins Corresponding Secretary

Carl Bruger Recording Secretary

Arnold Ulrich Membership Secretary

Tony G. Evangelista Director

Al White Director

Jim Campbell Director

Darren Cardinal Director

Fred Rung Director

Christian Hoops Director

Wayne Geider Director New 09

Tony Di Modugno Director New 09

Walter Englehart Director New 09

Len Basile Director New 09

Note Trustee (3 Year) Terms:

John Golan : Trustee beginning term 1/1/09

Sergio Radossi : Trustee beginning term 1/1/08

Marvin Oresky: Trustee beginning term 1/1/07




2008 - HRFA Officers         Posted 8-24-2007

Arnold Ulrich                     President

Glenn R. Blank                1st Vice President

Carl Hartmann                 2nd Vice President

Frank Wisniewski            Treasurer

Daniel   Harrison Jr.        Assistant Treasurer

Gilbert  Hawkins             Corresponding Secretary

Carl Bruger                      Recording Secretary

Arnold Ulrich                   Membership Secretary


Anthony G. Evangelista          Director

John Golan                            Director

Robert Kaczorowski            Director

Darren Cardinal                     Director

Christian Hoops                     Director

Alfred J. White                      Director

Chris Ilg                                Director

Fred Rung                             Director

Richard Berlingeri                  Director


Trustee (3 Year Terms:

Sergio Radossi :            Trustee 1/1/08 >beginning term

James Campbell:  to fill the unexpired term of Nils Eckhart Jr. (Trustee 1/1/06 >beginning term)    


Note Present Trustees:

Marvin Oresky            Trustee 1/1/07 >beginning term

2007 HRFA Officers

Carl Bruger                       President

Arnold Ulrich                    1st Vice President

Glenn R. Blank                2nd Vice President

Bruce T. Halstater            Treasurer

Daniel   Harrison Jr.          Assistant Treasurer

Gilbert  Hawkins               Corresponding Secretary

Christopher Ilg                 Recording Secretary

Arnold Ulrich                     Membership Secretary


Anthony G. Evangelista             Director

Ray Marione                             Director

Charles Mitchell                         Director

Darren Cardinal                         Director

Carl Hartmann                           Director

Alfred J. White                         Director

Len Litof                                   Director

Fred Rung                                Director

Richard Berlingeri                      Director



Marvin Oresky             Trustee 1/1/07 >beginning term


Note Present Trustees:

Nils C.Eckhart Jr         Trustee 1/1/06 >beginning term

Jim Campbell   Trustee 1/1/05 >beginning term